ends skids with Ken Block in London

Arrive at a special time and that unless celebrate with a special video. We're used to US Gymkhanas Ken Block, but not so much the new Top Gear BBC English.

ken-block-derrapa-en-londres-puente-de-londresMatt Leblanc is the main presenter Jeremy Clarkson replacing the controversial and has had a great time on the streets of London. It is striking how the streets are empty when you go the day you go and when you go are always burst. We imagine that they have had to pay a good sum of pounds to shoot video.

ken-block-derrapa-en-londres-salto-con-chispasKen Block is a specialist in this type of videos that are spectacular. Today's no slouch, and if you know the British capital even has an extra point with respect to other “Gymkhanas” why go through mythical places where many have been fortunate to be ever.

The Ford Mustang is the star Hoonicorn between smoke, burned wheel and amazing places. Besides the thunderous sound of the American engine and comments from Matt Leblanc (Joey always be of the series Friends) They make it fun. No doubt you are going to enjoy:

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.


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Adrián Osés
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