Opel Omega 3000 24v

We tested the Opel Omega 3000 24v and we explain here.

omega-1In the good years of Opel out good products like this and somewhat unknown to many staff, We dedicate a few lines here to raise this vehicle to the level it should be.

In all engines offered by this body, now talk of 3000 24v, We leave for further testing other engines.

omega-2It's about a 2962 cm3 6 cylinders 24 overhead valves actuated by two trees. In those years and the novelty hits the market the Dual Ram system, with which optimizes admission, thanks to the turbulence created to be closed by a vacuum actuated butterfly. The intake system 6 It is divided into cylinders 3+3 until 4000rpm, is when you open the throttle and a conventional system stays 6 cylinders. This gives us increased performance at low revs, giving the engine its maximum torque 270Nm at 3600rpm of.
omega-3As for the maximum power it is obtained at 6000rpm and leave us a figure of 204CV. The engine is very elastic and gives us the chance to drive any type of regime in comfort.

omega-4Regarding the transmission system, manual gearbox 5 longish speeds with a long shift, 2nd arrived at 98km / h, in 3rd to 168km / h with the 4th to 220km / h and will be with the 5th with which reach the stop marker 268km / h. The fall of turns in the change leaves us a bit tasteless, It would be a matter of 400rpm and optimal serious. A rear-wheel drive with limited slip differential moron to 40%, They make it a vehicle with more verve cornering and a fully sportiness, It is envious behavior of cars like the BMW 325i E36 (a myth of sportsmanship).

omega-5In the time we had to prove we were pleasantly surprised you force delivery, from low to high. Until his third gear included, we can enjoy on-turns, a very easy vehicle to carry and even draw curves laterally. The self-locking and engine power make him a funny car driver.
omega-6The brakes have not presented us with big problems, in extreme situation a little Fading we have come to notice, but ... something that can happen in most street cars. On the issue of consumption we very pleasantly surprised to find in the onboard computer an average figure of 7,8L / 100km respecting a constant speed of 120km / h. This unit offers as extra alarm, power windows front / rear, air conditioner, heated seats ... accompanying standard equipment, a really comfortable seats designed by Recaro and the leather side.
omega-7A highlight of these vintages of Opel and criticize the coming, quality of finishes such as leather (on these models Astra H, Vectra C ... only leatherette) clock coolant temperature, and battery charge, oil pressure, outdoor lighting check ... added to a range of engines known by the reliability, They gave fame to Opel in its glory years.

omega-8Back in the early nineties we had to spend more than 36.000 € (6.000.000 ptas) to purchase this model, considering that a floor was less than 60.000 € was certainly a good deal. Today you can find in acceptable conditions from 3000 €, mechanics is very robust and reliable. All this makes it a good option to buy ... as long as one is found, it is not easy to see them on the streets.

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Adrián Osés
Author: Adrián Osés Motorsport enthusiast and Engineering, founder and editor of Mad Engine.