So is the new Hyundai i30

For those of you who know how things like a car factory are made should be a kind of paradise where you can lose and see the different phases of construction of the vehicle and all its variants.

Hyundai i30 2017 lateralas customers, most people only see the vehicle when you buy and even wonders how it is made or carried pieces. But this right here is just because we are going to teach how to manufacture the new Hyundai i30 on the ground that the Korean brand has in the Czech Republic. A factory with a frenetic pace that manages to produce around 350.000 vehicles per year with approximately 3.300 workers.

Hyundai i30 2017 frontalA place where we would miss seeing all components are assembled and how they work all technologies divided into the body assembly, presses stamping parts, the area where the cars are painted, manufacture of mechanical components such as motors or gearboxes, and the assembly thereof and inside the car.

A very interesting process, which in one way or another all manufacturers perform, and to give you an idea we teach. Video not lose:

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
Author: Adrián Osés Motorsport enthusiast and Engineering, founder and editor of Mad Engine.