Spectacular design KIA Stinger

KIA remodeling that is taking place in its fleet is leaving really spectacular vehicles, at least esthetically. The KIA Stinger is the latest example of this, a premium sedan design.

2018 StingerA large vehicle but look coupe thanks to the big drop from the central pillar, with 5 doors and 5 squares. Perhaps his style remind the Volkswagen Passat CC or Mercedes-Benz CLA for that feature.

striking design and “different” the rest of the market saloons (except the CC and clear CLA) which will also compete against cars like the Audi A5 or BMW Series 4, inter alia.

The super KIA will the European market at the end of 2017, and they are not yet clear the engines and transmissions. Probably you can choose between RWD and AWD with relations 8 speeds. There will be gasoline engines (it seems that 256 and 375 CVs respectively) and diesel, the latter exclusively for the European market.

2018 StingerLike the vast majority of new vehicles, the Stinger will have the option of changing driving modes having to 5 available: Personal, Eco, Sport, Comfort y Smart. Each of them will give the ability to adjust and feel the response of the steering system, the hardness of the suspension and the rate of change of the transmission system.

The concepts GT4 Stinger Concept GT and the years 2014 and 2011 They have influenced markedly in the new Stinger. As we say, what is seen on prototypes usually has little to do with production vehicles, so positive for KIA in this case to give value to their work on prototypes.

Kia Stinger 5Although the standard equipment and optional is not yet fully defined for the Spanish market, KIA says the Stinger may have, inter alia, un Head-Up display, a wireless charger for mobile devices, several sound systems, detector driver fatigue, an active developer of speed detection of obstacles and pedestrians with Brake Assist, an assistant maintenance on the rail, a detector of vehicles in the blind spot and cross-traffic alert when reversing. Not bad for a KIA, each points to tough opponent for brands segment led by German.

As they talk about the DC and CLA, You have a slight problem if your height is high and are one of the rear passengers as the coupe line prevented from traveling comfortably in that position. Definitely a detail to assess the Stinger also has. Perhaps coupe design deserves considering that most times only traveling in the vehicle, but that customers value.

Kia Stinger 4The interior is premium and access to the vehicle is spacious, but we have the same problem, only if you are the driver or front passenger. The display and control 2 circular spheres (speedometer and tachometer) They give a modern air and showing us all kinds of data to make the best driving. As a curious thing, You have the option of projecting information onto the windshield. Not talking about all vehicle information or indications browser, but also information concerning travel safety or weather conditions.

The feeling of improved quality brand will reflajada in the Stinger and will question many potential customers when opting for the Germans who settled premium vehicles (inter alia) or giving the opportunity to KIA with your best creation to date.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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