¿Tires for life?

As we all know a vehicle requires many elements “consumables” we should be changing to keep using, such as engine oil, the filters, brake pads or tires.

DetailMust be taken into account when purchasing a vehicle because some of them can be particularly expensive or have to change very often and can be a major economic pillar.

In today's video we will see tires that Michelin X Tweel 2They might be the future and save the replacement of tires that varies vehicle and use, but usually never come in handy in our pocket. No doubt many people will see more advantages than disadvantages in this model Michelin, los X Tweel.

Maintenance would be null, strength and durability is well proven with video excavators, and also the possibility of punctures disappears. No doubt the X Tweel pick the best of conventional tire and considerably improve. Perhaps the problem is price, but in terms of performance the thing is clear. We see if they become affordable and extend, and yes, PT is very good:

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
Author: Adrián Osés Motorsport enthusiast and Engineering, founder and editor of Mad Engine.