Mikel Azcona interview before the TT Cup

Navarre Mikel Azcona is taking steps to become a professional pilot and passenger cars this year 2017 It is perhaps his most important year where he has been selected to participate in the Audi TT Cup, DTM anteroom. Today we are very pleased to have the opportunity to interview, attentive to their reflections:

Mikel Audi TTLdM: Mikel, You are considered as one of the Spanish promises in the world of cars, What 's your career so far?

MA: In 2012, with only 15 years proved for the first time a car race, I learned by leaps and bounds, each year we were moving up and having results that we ourselves were expecting us. It was for this, so in 2014 we decided to participate in the European Championship Clio Cup, competing with large European pilots, to really see if we were at their height. In my first international year, with 18 years old, We got to be runners-up in Europe. Next year, in 2015, We took a big leap and participate in the Seat Leon Eurocup where in my first year in this category managed to be 3rd European Championship. In 2016 We repeat the same championship and managed to be runners-up in Europe. Currently two sub-times European champions and a third time in Europe.

So a very positive balance, every year I feel stronger and I hope to continue in this line.

LdM: Seeing what you've achieved so far, Do you see yourself in the right line to achieve your goal of being professional?

Mikel con compañeros AudiMA: Looking at the past 4 years old, I had a very big progression and soon I have achieved great goals and achievements, that really, I not have imagined me get. With each passing year I see closer to my dream to become a professional pilot, I'm following line is growing and if we continue down this path could achieve my dream.

LdM: The season 2017 begins with great news for you with participation in the German championship Audi TT, tell us how you feel.

MA: I'm really happy to have been selected, by Audi, to participate in the championship. In a selection of more than 200 registered pilots, one of the 20 top, It's an extra motivation that has given me to keep working every day for my dream. I sincerely believe that this is my big chance and I'm not going to let go, My goal is clear and before starting the championship, which is fighting to win the championship and to continue growing as a pilot.

LdM: You had to pack to another country championship, Do you see as "mandatory" to take a chance and grow in cars?

Mikel Audi TT lateralMA: Yes, able to participate in this championship is very important for my career as a pilot. Having to compete outside my country is no problem, will travel between Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. We are teloneros DTM (German Touring Car Championship) where there will be official teams and many important people motorsports, This is very important.

LdM: What do you expect Audi TT Championship? ¿Objetivo be champion?

MA: The Audi TT is a monobrand championship cup where equality is the main adjective Championship, all pilots have the same car and same performance. Driving and intelligence is the factor that will determine the winner, I really see very motivated and strong face to win the championship. Is a similiar championship I have participated before so I have a lot of experience and I hope to carry it out in this 2017.

LdM: How will be the change of the SEAT León last year the Audi TT?

Mikel cascoMA: The Seat Leon and Audi TT are identical in mechanical (suspension, motor, gearbox), the main differences are body, Audi is shorter wheelbase, and lower in height, this makes it behave something different than the Seat.

It took me very little to adapt to the new Audi, and I'm sure we can get the full potential of the car.

LdM: Do you plan to compete in another test outside the championship?

MA: Mainly the Audi TT Cup will be my main championship we are working this year.

Mikel en boxesLdM: You've had the opportunity to participate in a training hand Audi with other pilots Championship, Tell us how was the experience.

MA: Very nice experience, working with Audi in an official test is something that I really wanted for years. Sharing track with the best riders in the world and it was a day of learning in many ways. Power the fastest time of the day and even getting the track record motivates me to face the championship.

LdM: The TT Cup is considered the prelude to the DTM, Is the German DTM in the spotlight for upcoming seasons?

Mikel con perseguidorMA: Someday be able to participate in the DTM would be one of my dreams for some time, is a championship where the best professionals in the world and to reach riders are beating me against them would be a luxury for me. We are on track to achieve, I currently is a tough season ahead and I'll push myself and work hard to achieve my goal.

LdM: How do you see the WTCC or TCR? ¿Championships where you want to be the ultimate goal?

MA: Are two major championships worldwide and high level of performance, I personally prefer the single-brand drinks, It is where it is worth piloting and can demonstrate your qualities as a rider more, having almost all 100% the same driving conditions.

Thank you so much and good luck Mikel!

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.


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