Moto GP vs Indy Car

Now that the Indy Car has opened to Europe thanks largely to Fernando Alonso, everyone talks about it and surely will grow in hearings on the continent.

Moto GP vs Indy Car Pedrosa vs AndrettiAnother issue is whether as many state and ovals are very boring, not win but the best rider who favor more the Safety Cars, or the danger of a race which is circulated stockings 340 km / h and if you go outside the traced going against the fateful wall. All this could lead to a wide talk but today we are going to teach anything else.

This is a video of those who tend to like in social networks, a competition for 2 vehicles 2 completely different categories. Moto GP vs Indy Car Pedrosa vs Andretti 2Even, as they say vulgarly, comparing apples and oranges, videos are often spectacular and you can see many details, such as the different lines or different dynamic behavior when accelerating or braking, inter alia.

Today is the Honda Moto GP Dani Pedrosa against Marco Andretti IndyCar team Andretti Honda, They are serving claim to call the fans to see the legendary race. Indy is not only a spectacular event, as they like Americans. The same applies to the time before and ads, and this is a clear example.

Notice that Nicky Hayden is in charge of waving the checkered flag when participants reach the finish line and this is an announcement editing 2015:

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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