Aston Martin DB11 in detail

A new V12 engine 5 liter twin turbo producing 600 CV's power is the heart of the new Aston Martin DB11. Almost 100 CV's more power than the V12 6 atmospheric liters riding DB9. The new box is also automatic ZF 8 speeds.

Aston Martin DB11 negroWith this powertrain, the DB11 only need 3,9 seconds to accelerate from 0 a 100 km / h and reaches a limited speed 322 km/h. Not bad, since the improvement over the previous engine is 0,7 seconds 27 km / h top speed. But this is not all.

A new generation of chassis, suspension, address and electronics make the DB11 more dynamic. Aston Martin DB11Also, given the choice between 3 driving modes (GT, Sport y Sport Plus) while the new power steering and torque give the car better agility.

As for consumption and efficiency, there is also an improvement thanks to new technological developments brand, and there will be available a V8 biturbo engine that will be provided by AMG. You will have a displacement of 4 liters and produce 503 Hp (Mercedes AMG GT in). maybe even 520 in DB11.

The price is an important factor if you are thinking buy you one. It is estimated to be approximately 12 % more expensive than the DB9, with a price of around 200.000 €, So you can start saving. Bonito is a while:

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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