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The fifth generation of Bulli, Volkswagen T5 starts to be manufactured in the 2003 and will continue with the same exterior design to 2009 when they receive a strong restyling with new powertrains and aesthetic changes that will keep him up 2015. 20151129_142527Like previous generations, version will have short and long wheelbase, in different models, It is the Transporter, Caravelle, Multivan o California. (Throughout these years they will go out the Multivan Startline also, Multivan Panamericana and California Beach as intermediate options).

With the variety of models exist depart in two blocks, before and after the restyling. Today we will focus on the first and we will make a written later than the second. We are lucky that you have fallen into our hands on a VW T5 Multivan 2.5 174cv TDI Manual and have been a few hours with her to tell more in detail.

IMG-20160621-WA0010If we were to take as a basis the fourth generation, outwardly we would find a more rounded shapes, a higher above a major headlights bumpers, double sliding door, a door moldings bodycolour painted and like other plastic parts forming together with the body. Some older tires, 16'' Alloy in this model.

Inwardly we find some good finishes with a fairly soft integrated dashboard. The model we have is quite equipped with extras, that we will see gradually. In the main part of the dashboard are radio-cd / browser RNS2 (which is also found in the Touareg), with the possibility that we offer pointing in the instrument cluster abbreviation of indications, very convenient and comfortable.

IMG-20160409-WA0022Something that draws the attention of this model over the previous, is the shifter leaving the dashboard and no soil, resulting in convenient and quick steering wheel movement to the lever, thus it is facilitating the move from the rear to the front when we stand. On the dashboard we can see a dual zone climate control (Left and Right) from which we can also control the temperature of the rear. In the T4 module rear heating it was on the ground floor of the van, exposed to impact damage and oxides, however in T5 it is within the same at the rear Right. The front seats of this model can not be rotated 360 degrees, but we found this possibility in the center, set approximately independent armrests, center seats make a very comfortable place to travel.

3In the model with only a sliding door a folding table coming out of the van izdo upholstery is offered, in the model we have today with two sliding doors have a handy sliding and folding table round little upset in the folded position. The rear seats to be felled bed, as we have come accustomed to previous models, is a bad surprise to see that in the rear tray T5 and mattress to sleep is not something extra and standard as in previous. All the seats can move forward, back and positioned as need, more or less trunk, more or less legroom (a marked improvement in this generation).

IMG-20160621-WA0012The model we love, love on sight, but it is to enter the mechanical section and slightly chilled. In this model 2.5 VW TDI wanted innovation as regards mechanical, ignoring the timing belt and chain to bring the distribution by a cascade of pinions (theoretically without maintenance or reviews), this to not having a crankshaft pulley accessory (no more space in the engine compartment) and it would be through piñonería as water pump would move (giving some leakage problems), alternator, steering pump and the compressor A / C, all this with a very funny construction. We will see in these models, As in the 1.9 TDI, injectors pump are housed inside the rocker cover actuated by the camshaft, high injection pressures are achieved and thus a very good engine response. D1nfortunately they are only tightened with a screw and after many kilometers nod and start having problems sealing, which in principle boards injectors could be solved but many end up wearing the aluminum cylinder head again and talking about euritos. The exhaust manifold is also a weak point of these models.

Not everything will be bad, the model we have today works perfectly and we love your answer, we went out to try mountain roads and freeway. The first surprise is tremendously positive consumption, more than 2 tons, almost 2 meters high and 174cv, we mark an average of 8,3l / 100km for sustained speed of 120km / h. IMG-20160521-WA0030With their 400Nm and box 6 speeds, we can move comfortably in all regimes. Mountain roads are like a car any, can overtake trucks without problem or take the van loaded to the top and to keep pace with the normal circulation. Once at highway cruising speed, its high seating position and the browser we are ready to go around the world. It may be a constant high speed without much effort, even five diesel cylinders can lead to stroke 200km / h on plain without too high consumption.

20151129_153215On our way we had to go down a long port and with a very large gap, at this time we were cargadísimos and not the slightest sign that the brakes suffer. A fabulous model for travel, very comfortable to drive that has nothing to envy a nice car, fast, nimble and stable. The city does not pose us a problem to park it (does not reach 5 meters) as the angle of the direction at this time greatly facilitates.

As overnight it comes, the model has programmable stationary heating 5 different times, great for cold nights. On the other hand you have sliding windows with locks Left and Right at different points, to open the windows and in the same way you have them blocked. IMG-20160409-WA0023We climbed the curtains of all rear windows, to have a little more privacy and we have to stay overnight. We lack the tray and rear the mattress to make the night enjoyable us, so we got up to 6 hours because there was no son of neighbor he reconciles more sleep, we are left with the utopian idea of ​​rest with extra mattress.

As the current price of these models also varies depending on the extras, but if well, If you do not have hidden faults, with not many kilometers, it is easy to get on the 15.000 Starting €.

Raul Puente, Motor Locos.

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