Renault 18 GTS, a Spanish icon

They always say that cars were previously unbreakable and were made to last, perhaps half-life of an average Spanish family. Renault 18 GTSInstead the concept of durability of vehicles today is different because drivers often change vehicles more often and often every few years.

Renault and SEAT were the most important manufacturers in the Spanish market and competition was stiff between them, so the models were leaving the market to counter competition. Renault 18 GTS azulThe vehicle we will talk about today is the Renault 18, an icon of the brand with a reputation for vehicle lifetime, and is not for less. Its most complete version was the GTS, and today's video tells us in detail all about the different variants 18.

Very interesting while historical, because like it or not, cars are also part of the history of countries. The Spanish brand FASA was responsible for Renault cars manufactured in our country, and 18 (the GTS version included) It was one of them.

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Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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