Audi C4 S4

To our hands comes the famous 5 cylinder turbo Audi and have the chance to try.

Exterior lateral izqWith just take a step back in history and look back to the years of group B, We see how the Audi Quattro S1 or A2 wore the steps of the podium. Following these victories Audi fame efficiency with Quattro would gain traction and sell the sportiness of the brand under the 5 cylinder turbo.

Exterior lateral izq 2These engines on road vehicles (later we write about the competition) we can see them in the Audi Coupe S2 both, Sedan, and Combi, Audi S4 in C4 (Audi body 100), Combi saloon and later would come to call S6 (A6 first body), and RS2 only available in Combi (I'll talk about this disease Audi, the most powerful engines mounted on familiar body). MotorAll these models have permanent four wheel drive and a button on the center console that enables you to lock the rear differential and parallel to the ABS system is deactivated. When vehicle speed exceeds 25km / h, automatically unlocks the differential and ABS active again.

VolanteToday we have the Audi S4 2.2T 20v manual 6 speeds, more than 350 Nm of torque at less than 2000 rpm y 230 CV a 5900 rpm, these data we suggest a very good elasticity for this petrol engine. Very nice figures for the eyes move then analyze how the 1.700 kg of this boat almost 5 meters long.

Exterior lateral dchoOutwardly a more rounded lines appear that the ancestors came bringing us, length 4,79 meter aluminum wheels 16 '' left between seeing his horrible front brake system (blessed is the engineer who designed).Somewhat peculiar system, it is welded to the metal sheets on the outside disk , a protuberance cooled theoretically the best system and makes this mole tonne 7 brake more effectively. Interior delanteroTo this end the brake calipers are mounted inside the disc. All this makes a set of irons to work very uncomfortable and very expensive to replace, as detail, each front disc costs about 400 € (Many are those who, having to change discs for wear, opt to mount a system HP2). S4 in the track width wins 3 cm from siblings lower motorizations, it does have a more aggressive look. Interior traseroIf we look at the car in front, the wheels protrude from the bumper. Regarding the rest of the body could pass for a model any, out anagrams and tires we would be hard to recognize.

Exterior lateral dcho 2As it regards the internal, at first glance it strikes us cloth seats with stamping quattro, with a remarkable grip both legs as lumbar, somewhat soft padding (Typical time), but comfortable. The instrument panel has watches for oil temperature, pressure thereof, water temperature, revolutions, account-kilometers and an analog clock. Exterior lateral izq 3It also has on-board computer with a digital display in the center marking among other things, pressure turbo boost.

We march to the 5cilindros and try to squeeze the most of their benefits. Uncompromising right in the beginning, We tried their quattro in an acceleration from standstill, trying to spin the wheels on dry asphalt, impossible,(we made wet spinning the 4 Wheel) the front suspension is raised to heaven, the sinking ass off without skidding clutch with enough force. According to the data sheet, accelerating the 100 km / h would be in 6,8 seconds, with a top speed of 244 km/h. Interior palanca de cambiosThe car responds well, but it shows that we carry on driving a lot of weight, It is a boat with wheels, in curved sections us very torpón, and with wheels bad enough that we, even it surprises us with some oversteer, which then we solve it with better wheels. If you think you can have fun with the car trying to make a lateral driving with ... you're very wrong, missing 100 CV as little to get to that point.

The five cylinders, plus turbo, more six-speed gearbox make a very comfortable driving, both low and high laps. You can make you enjoy mountain curves and straight from the motorway. We were very pleasantly surprised not to have such a sharp turbo lag as in other models of these vintages, with a delivery rather more linear power is achieved. Consumption is below the 10 liters and the noise outside the engine noise and is not perceived just inside, It is a vintage car señorito, with which they can travel very comfortably.

Volante izqThe subject braking ... .the first contact is good, but after a few hard braking we lose braking effectiveness even noticed vibration (You should not do very well the cooling function). I do not think anything that helps the soft suspension that we. Audi is built with an ABS braking system as standard, which works well, but somewhat slow to respond. Despite their 25 years old, you can face current cars with same horses and not the least bit ashamed.

Not a bad option, it should be a fairly reliable engines, and if we live in the mountains where the road is not in perfect condition, quattro can make you one of these decantarte.

Raul Puente, Motor Locos.

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Adrián Osés
Author: Adrián Osés Motorsport enthusiast and Engineering, founder and editor of Mad Engine.