60 SEAT anniversary 600

One of the most legendary vehicles in the Spanish history is on anniversary. SEAT 600 meets nothing more and nothing less than 60 years old. SEAT 600 aniversario circuito de Cataluña en filaFollowing its launch in 1957, the 600 It was (And it is) a bestseller (Now on the market for classic), and is not for less.

It is the symbol of prosperity and development of a family of Spanish middle decades of 50, 60 and 70 especially. SEAT 600 aniversarioAnd moreover, It is one of the most coveted classics in our country.

The Spanish brand, He decided to summon all owners SEAT 600 and any fan of the brand to a single event, even set a “Record Guinness”. SEAT 600 aniversario circuito de CataluñaThe Circuit de Catalunya was the venue for the concentration of SEAT 600 and were a total of 774 units which gathered in the Catalan circuit. Not only were record vehicle, There was also a large influx to the event with more than 4000 visitors.

As recalled in SEAT, the 600 It was the model that put Spain on wheels and was a major change in the lives of many Spanish. The 600 made smaller distances between cities and towns, and allowed many families go on vacation to spend the summer on the shores of the Mediterranean, among other destinations. Certainly a great tribute to this unforgettable event we have collected in this video:

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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