The adventurous spirit of Land Rover

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Land Rover is certainly an icon of adventure and off-road expeditions for many years (70 to be exact), and remains. Land Rover Defender 110History confirms this, with the presence of the British brand in the vast majority of places where access was not easy.

Examples of places where not everyone can come and Land Rover has done there is abundant. Inside Australia, Alaska, the Sahara Desert, the Alps, Iceland, Scandinavia, Central Africa, The Andes, Atacama desert, Mongolia, Indonesia, Greenland, etc.. Land Rover Defender Eastnor CastleYou Need I continue? Any hidden place you can think of is part of the long list, No doubt.

Also, vehicles have also been used in major expeditions of explorers in film. Who does not remember the saga of Indiana Jones or James Bond movies countless? Difficult not to remember it.

Land Rover Defender Adventure EditionAs well, If you want to feel like Indiana Jones or James Bond you can do at Eastnor Castle, located in south-west England, very close to the Welsh border where Land Rover facilitates experiences.

The Eastnor Explorer is the most important, since the area where it is celebrated includes all kinds of rough conditions to test the Land Rover and Range Rover and enjoy like a child without having to worry about not finishing the experience. Bathing, extreme slopes, mud, forests, and all kinds of obstacles. With video you can get an idea, but nothing like try from first person:

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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