Driving experience, Renault Zoe

Motor Locos, we have had the opportunity to try a different vehicle. Being different 100 % electric, Renault Zoe has surprised us, but we also see him drawbacks that are now difficult to work for Renault and its competitors.

Image with 2014 RenaultEl Renault Zoe, It has similar dimensions to Clio, with whom she shares some of his pieces, and electrical bet Renault which was launched in 2012. In 2016 French brand made a restyling, which is that we could try.

Driving sensations are different from vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. Acceleration is progressive, without interruption and without a doubt the answer is quick. You can stay glued to the seat and vehicles over 150 CV when we accelerate sharply, but with the difference that you do not notice the gearshifts. ¿Porque? Because there are none, the shift lever is such as automatic, but no change, only forward (D), mark ago (R), the neutral position (N), and parking (P).

Renault Zoe lateral granateThe truth that no vehicle combustion that improves the smoothness of the electric motor. Another advantage, the noise level is equivalent to combustion of any vehicle, but with the engine off. Only the rolling noise of tires is heard, aerodynamic and external noises. Pure bliss truth, although the city may represent some kind of scare especially for pedestrians do not hear approaching.

A point to improve, the autonomy. While diesel or gasoline engines make it easy to do more 500 km (sometimes even more than 1.000 km) with a fuel tank, electric batteries offer much lower numbers, which together with the time required to recharge a formidable burden against the electric vehicle. Zoe offers 400 km theorists, who stay at least (unos 300, recognized by Renault).

Renault Zoe lateralAnd the acceleration is a supercar feeling the Zoe, braking produces usual sensations, as it could produce any size vehicle. soft touch driving with electric sensation plus. Both the interior and the exterior does not stand out, but as he usually does Renault, not lacking details, and as always, has the 5 star Euro NCAP.

Its major drawback in addition to the energy storage is its price. As we said it is comparable to Renault Clio, but its market value is almost double. A well-equipped Clio round 15.000 € while a round Zoe 30.000 € (It depends on the applicable government aid, cases as we can have it for 26.000 €). It is certainly something to consider because if we compare the money saved by replacing fossil fuel for electricity takes many kilometers to get close to amortize the vehicle.

Renault Zoe cargandoyou can not reproach anything to Renault with Renault-Nissan alliance is undoubtedly the benchmark for electric vehicles. Although Tesla offers more, still they have a lot to prove to the public, while Renault-Nissan do not have to prove anything because they are world leaders.

Conclusion, Zoe is a great option, especially in city, but much your battery charging option is used by storing kinetic energy, batteries have a lot to improve to be a real option price that can compete with existing diesel / petrol. Therefore, I would buy, but within a few years.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
Author: Adrián Osés Motorsport enthusiast and Engineering, founder and editor of Mad Engine.