Tips winter driving safety

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Own inclement weather winter can be a great enemy on the road so make sure they do not impact our security drastically, and for this we are going to give some good advice so that you do not miss anything behind the wheel and your safety is the most important.

  • Tire Pressure – It is advisable to monitor the pressure every 15 days. To know the pressure that should bring the car with or without load, it is best to always follow the manufacturer's instructions, you will find on a sticker inside the vehicle, well at the top of the fuel tank or in a side door.

Test de neumático

  • Tire condition – Ensure that no damage to the rubber and the tread depth is at least 1,6 mm, although it is advisable to never lose the 2 mm. In addition to increasing safety, saves fuel. There are two simple ways to check.
  1. The first method is to put a one euro coin on the drawing. If you see something on the gold edge it is time to change the tires.
  2. The second method is to check the "witness" having the same tire. If the token is on the surface, it's time to change tires.

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If the tire is not in good condition, se alargará la frenada en condiciones de menor adherencia.

  • State wiper – After the summer, marked by high temperatures, prolonged exposure to sunlight and dry environment, the first rains, low temperatures and bad weather. Es por ello que conviene que prestes especial atención al estado que presenta la goma de las escobillas limpiaparabrisas, an element that has been exposed to the harsh summer and is likely to have suffered. But, How if I change the wipers?There are several techniques to see if we replace the brushes. The first thing to do is look if the wiper are in good condition or not. For this, It should suffice to touch to verify the elasticity of the material, you have to be flexible and without presenting nicks along the ridge which sweeps the moon car. If this first test is positive, you still have to try one more thing but if instead, you've noticed that you have lost properties, it's time to replace it with a new.

Conducción en inviernoThe second step you need to take after checking the condition of the rubber of the brushes is to check the correct operation. For this, it is best to use a water bottle to pour a small amount on the windshield. Then, the clean and active depending on their way to remove water, You know if you should change them immediately or if you can still wait a bit longer.

If you leave the moon with a thin layer of water, Glancing through it, It will give you the feeling that this is fogged. Esto indica que debes cambiar los limpiaparabrisas ya que puede resultar peligroso usar el coche así por la evidente falta de visibilidad. If on the contrary, They leave streaks or small channels to sweep the surface, you must ensure that no foreign elements in the rubber strip. If there is nothing and yet still doing the same, then you must also change.

Conducción en invierno lunaAnd check the fluid level in the reservoir, important not to run out of liquid because you can not clean the moon quickly if necessary…

Recommendations of things to carry in the car in winter:

  • Tweezers: It helps if the battery runs low to start using another car. Or to help another.
  • Shovel and gloves: They can be useful to get out of trouble.
  • Alcohol or other products to remove ice or lock the windshield.
  • scraper: To remove ice or frost windshield.
  • Lantern: In this era of fewer hours of light, It is useful to change a tire or check something on the hood.
  • Clothes, footwear, Sunglasses: If you must leave the car and low temperatures. Sunglasses, To avoid glare by snow.
  • antifog spray or dishcloth: can remove misting at start.
  • Mobile: In case you need help or warn of an emergency. And a charger, to have it always charged.
  • Water and food: If he is detained by snow, take some food and fluids to rehydrate.

Remember, the important thing is to reach the destination.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
Author: Adrián Osés Motorsport enthusiast and Engineering, founder and editor of Mad Engine.