Great year Volkswagen Motorsport

The farewell Volkswagen WRC team seemed to presage an era of lean in the German mark as referred motorsport, but it was not like that. The brand diversified its knowledge in various categories, who they have paid off especially in this 2017. a decision “future”, they said.

Volkswagen campeon WRC 2014With a total of 15 international championships in disciplines as diverse as motor racing: rallycross, cars, resistance or rallies, inter alia, the German mark beats his record of success in competition in a season. Therefore we can say that 2017 brings the fruits of the decision generated by the “diesel gate” leaving the WRC and diversify its efforts.

The TCR International seems to be the future of touring car and Volkswagen has done with him for the second consecutive year, therefore the future of the category could be dominated by the Germans as they did with the WRC.

Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR 3Formula 3, It is one of the quarries Formula 1 Volkswagen funnels so well if possible in a future assault “great Circus”.

Resistance championships, They are the perfect setting to improve reliability since usually wins championships not the fastest, but the least time passes pit repairing breakdowns.

Rallycross Johan KristofferssonThe rallycross is also very demanding both the drivers and the vehicles, because the circuits are short, but very changeable in terms of contact surfaces and obstacles so that vehicle systems are put to the limit.

certainly excellent results. To summarize the achievements of the Volkswagen Motorsport share this video, you probably have a replica 2018, ¿Bet something?

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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