Dacia Logan MCV vs Mercedes-AMG E63 S

Having seen the title of our new safe input that something strikes you, and that is normal. As we compared with another vehicle that is worth a 10 more times. Cheapness against the expensive, the “worst” in its class against “best”. A priori a very decompensated battle.

Dacia Logan MCV vs Mercedes-AMG E63 SNo doubt if you are planning to buy you any of these 2 vehicles, This article will not help you weigh between, because surely that you will be comparing with other competitors, but this analysis we found very interesting. Does it really worth paying the equivalent of 10 Dacia Logan MCV por a Mercedes-AMG E63 S?

It compares the two in 3 different “drag races” in which Logan has not the slightest chance against the German beast.

Dacia Logan MCVIn the braking test, considering that the E63 S is heavier might have doubts bets before making the test, but clearly the Mercedes-AMG demonstrates its power.

But comfort test (although the upper hand Dacia takes on video) the outcome is uncertain and unreliable in our opinion due to “measurement” Of the test. You can not measure interior comfort with a mobile application and allowing free phone inside the vehicle. Mercedes-AMG E63 SMuch less does not circulate in the same conditions both vehicles. For us it would be void, or even given the resources allocated to each sound issues, noises, vibration and comfort, the E63 would win by a landslide again, although we can not see in this video.

We have clear, even taking into account the difference in price, but of course everyone can see things differently and opt for the Dacia, because as we always say, in the automotive world the number of variables to consider is high.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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