Differences 4×4, AWD, FWD y RWD

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One of the most important systems is the transmission vehicles, which is responsible for carrying the movement generated by combustion (or now other energy sources) certain motor vehicle wheels.

Tracción delanteraThe most common currently is the front-wheel drive or FWD (Front Wheel Drive en inglés), basically it consists in transmitting the engine power to the front axle. Tricycle clear example of a child where the power of his legs is transmitted to the roller or rollers through the pedals. main advantages: the cheapest retail system parts need, more interior cabin space and less energy consumed. Principal problem: understeer, which means that the vehicle is going outward curve to take faster than necessary.

Transmisión 2The next most common is the rear- or RWD (Rear Wheel Drive English), which means that the rear wheels are receiving engine power. Here a bicycle is a clear example, where the power of the cyclist's legs is transmitted to the rear wheel by means of pedals and the transmission chain. main advantages: only the front axle and brake heads, better management and effort distributed on all wheels. Main problems: lower interior space by having the transmission tunnel and the rear axle oversteer, which means that the vehicle turns more than it should and leaves behind when we enter curve faster than due. TransmisiónCargo vehicles, high-end or sports often take.

The system is more expensive, but also it makes vehicles more difficult to drive especially bad grip conditions such as wet, snow or ice. to fight, the AWD system (All Wheel Drive en inglés) It is optimal because it distributes the traction between the axles and allows win grip and stability.

System 4×4 will allow us to decide and choose where to send the engine power depending on the situation or obstacle we must overcome that. Usually a gearbox which is responsible for providing twice the power as needed, but only it works at very low speeds. Ideal for off-road vehicles as imaginaréis.

as LEVELS, it is something to consider when you utilize or you buy a new vehicle and we must adapt our driving to the type of transmission mount the vehicle if we want to reach their destination safely.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
Author: Adrián Osés Motorsport enthusiast and Engineering, founder and editor of Mad Engine.