epic career 8 coches Ford Performance

Ford Performance 8 cochesWhen you have a lot to show you have to do it the best way possible, and what better to teach your potential in each of your choices by comparing market all at the same time in an excellent setting.

Ford Performance 8 coches GT calle contra GT circuitoMotorland Aragón Circuit was the venue chosen by Ford Performance to teach their 8 sportier variants currently available in the market range. To this end he organized a race between them, giving advantage to the theoretically slower to make the faster they had to work hard to be able to win the race just one lap of the more than 5 Alcaniz circuit kilometers.

Ford Performance 8 Mustang GT350RClearly are not comparable F-150 Raptor, Fiesta ST, new Fiesta ST, Focus RS, the new Mustang GT, the Mustang GT350R, the GT and GT Street Racing, but at least they have left us an interesting video.

But otherwise this video is not going to make buying a Ford, If you do not see how they behave towards their rivals, Do not you think? Well at least we have seen how beautiful the Motorland Aragón:

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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