50 Volkswagen e-Golf to Hamburg

Electric increasingly conscience is more in the minds of Europeans and proof of this are the 50 Volkswagen e-Golf which have been delivered to the German city of Hamburg for improving air quality and reducing noise of the city.

Volkswagen e-Golf 2Electric mobility in Germany is already stomping and manufacturers know, so Volkswagen does not want to stay behind and with this collaboration an extra point ensures future. It is anticipated that these 50 e-Golf totaling more than 1,5 million kilometers in the next 3 years old, bringing the emissions savings will be considerable.

Delivery of the vehicles has been made citizens of the future, as models of the German mark. With entrepreneurial projects and environmental sustainability. Strategic alignment well analyzed that will certainly make the electricity business is increasing. Volkswagen e-Golf 3Great strategic move by Volkswagen, Master play!

The city of Hamburg is committed to urban mobility of the future and in addition to the 50 e-Golf is working fiercely to equip the entire city and surrounding electric buses. A clear plan to develop clean and efficient.

Volkswagen e-Golf 4The aim of Volkswagen in 2025 It is to achieve 25 % share of electric vehicles sold. If we compare with their current sales numbers, This would mean between 2 and 3 million electricity per year. The less optimistic sounds, but certainly they are on the starting grid to achieve achieve this challenge.

Intentions not only affect Volkswagen, but his entire group will offer up 80 electric models to its customers in the year 2025, and already the most complicated but turn optimistic plan to electrify its entire range for 2030. Good luck with that!

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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