Concept electric buggy, Hyundai Kite

Hyundai has proven well that we think about the future and continues to do concept cars and even other interesting projects, addition of electric vehicles or hydrogen fuel cell. His new creation is a clear proof.

Hyundai Kite IED delanteraThe Hyundai Kite is a concept of an electric two-seater buggy even becomes a jet ski for a passenger. It has been developed with the IED (Italian Design Institute) and it has an interesting painting.

15 students participated in the design of lightweight buggy, perfect for surfing over sand dunes. And it becomes a jet-ski ideal to have an experience speeding car on water.


Hyundai Kite IED traseraGood initiative as it allows the development of talented people like development and new projects of a car brand. The truth is that brands often try to do this kind of collaborations, but ultimately they did not always turn out interesting things about them. This certainly yes it is.

Also, Hyundai knows that design is the main reason why customers choose their European Hyundai vehicles, so the bet is clear. more than 85 % of its models sold in Europe are designed, They tested and produced in the old continent. We also work with companies and European institutions contribute to enlarge these numbers. smart strategy, ¿Appears in the?


Hyundai Kite IED estudiantesThe Hyundai Kite is a vehicle without doors, roofless and windowless that can flow both land and water. It consists of a monocoque chassis length 3.745 mm and a height of 1.455 mm. Their surfaces are intertwined, creating a continuum of turns and intersections. The designers tried to reduce barriers between the outside and inside to create a functional and fun car. The lines convey a sense of buoyancy and freedom, connected with the idea of ​​spending leisure time near water. Ideal for a great holiday coast.

Hyundai Kite interiorIn both configurations, the vehicle is equipped with electric drive, four brushless motors placed inside the turbine wheels and a water jet to travel on water. Human-automobile interaction Kite Hyundai will be controlled by the user's mobile phone to offer customers an intuitive control over all functions of the car.


You may become an option usual vehicle rental in coastal areas, you do not cast aside as the bases of the project they are already set.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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