The new generation of Formula E

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Formula E was a major change in vehicle competition for being a great bet for the future. Vehicles 100 % electrical which have slowly evolved to be a great test for brands that have decided to participate in the championship.

Formula E generación 2Now, the new generation of vehicles has already been submitted, and evolution seems on track. As in Formula 1, vehicles and regulations are changing and this can be seen clearly in the new generation.

As for technical improvements, the most important warhorse was, It is and will probably be, the autonomy of the vehicles. Increasingly they required to complete the races and supporting electronic systems and sensors that are part of them.

Formula E generación 2 2In the beginning it was necessary to change the car to have a chance to reach goal. That is to say, 2 cars to finish, and often not so it was possible. This has greatly improved thanks to the evolution and energy recovery, but the margin for improvement is broad in all aspects. With this new generation, if the pilots manage well their cars, They may reach goal with a single vehicle through better energy storage capacity

Evil that despite some, This championship is becoming increasingly more attractive, with more brands involved, and more support from countries and cities, eager to organize any test calendar.

It is very elegant and will be in competition over the next 3 seasons. There is no doubt that competition in racing is assured with fierce competition. attentive:

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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