The e-SEAT Mii “car sharing”

SEAT has already made available to Barcelona several e-SEAT Mii (100 % electrical) for a new application “Car sharing” and bets clearly for sustainable future. A pilot project look good truth.

SEAT eMii en BarcelonaA great initiative that fits like a glove to a big city full of vehicles, decongestion and needs as both public transport and private vehicles are saturated options.

The subway, the bus and taxis are often filled with people, and although they are the best option to move relatively quickly in a big city, lose “the control” and that the situation is not going to share with all.

Another option is bicycles or walking paths, they are fine if left over time or distances are not very large, but where is our vehicle…I think there is no color. The problem is that parking is usually converted into half an impossible task, and besides occupying a good period of time as a rule, you have to pay for it. And well paid.

SEAT eMii en Barcelona appTherefore bet with their e-SEAT Mii looks like winning horse. small cars, easy to park and they do not need fossil fuel. To have enough city with a good network of battery charging autonomy and the ability to take the car and leave it where you come well earn many points, Do not you think?

More of 1.000 employees of the brand start with the pilot and then apply it and offer it to the general public, which no doubt will be impatient. A mobile phone app will be the tool through which you can get a digital key code so that the driver can enter the vehicle and drive. A single click will blame, easy and simple.

The future points to “Car sharing” as a common practice that is estimated to have more than 36 million users in Europe in 2025. If the predictions are true, the Spanish brand has hit the nail.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
Author: Adrián Osés Motorsport enthusiast and Engineering, founder and editor of Mad Engine.