Hyundai electric KONA wins Rally

The most important motor racing competitions are beginning to have electric variants or at least are in development to make the transition to the future of competition. We'll see if it's real or not because we can not say that the competitions combustion engine will disappear from the map.

Hyundai KonaExamples as Formula E, Moto E or E-TCR are steps forward in Formula 1, Moto GP and wTCR. What we had not seen were electric intentions in the world of rallying, but everything will come.

An example is the news that we share today with the Hyundai KONA rising champion in the Eco Rally of Valencia. Spain Championship alternative energy has the categories of electrical and hybrid, although they are still far (especially in competition) combustion vehicles, and compete fairly decent way.

Hyundai IONIQ EV rallyManuel Cortes and Eloi Alsina behind the wheel, the KONA was the fastest. There were other vehicles of the future such as hybrid-plug Ioniq Hyundai won in the category of hybrids. Adverse weather conditions did not stop Hyundai won both categories, and confirms that the Korean brand is well positioned to change the electrical porpulsores of the near future.

Positive news on the other hand have some details to question. Electric vehicles provide maximum power and torque, but then to give up on a special stage is perhaps the slightly green thing. Moreover, the weight of the batteries may decompensate the dynamic behavior of vehicles in such changing conditions which tend to rally. Bueno, slowly, and other competitions.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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