Jaguar F-Type rally style

Again let's talk about a special edition vehicle, since every time they are more fashionable and are a great attraction to keep selling without modify the original vehicle. Jaguar F-TYPE Rally SpecialSmall changes and release it as special edition make it more palatable.

In this case, the excuse is holding the 70 years since Jaguar began making sports cars, and the chosen model is the sportiest brand right now, the Jaguar convertible F-Type. Jaguar F-TYPE Rally Special 2The name of the new F-Type is the Checkered Flag Limited Edition.

300 CV's power thanks to its engine only 2,0 liters, but in this case the vehicles are prepared with FIA specifications rally. The less curious, a sports ready to rally, What's next? Jaguar F-TYPE Rally Special 3If already it is fun to drive on road or circuit, the idea of ​​rally points well.

The original Jaguar that is the tribute is XK 120, launched in 1948, who achieved success in several prestigious rallies at the time. a feat for the brand, which is celebrating, and held well now they can, many of his achievements and milestones of the past. It is always good to remember things that have been made, as in life. Do not lose detail Video, a whole toy:

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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