UX 250h, Hybrid auto-rechargeable

Lexus is one of the manufacturers who seems to be more advanced in preparing the final change to the mobility of the future, without fossil fuels as feedstocks operating thrusters. Currently marketed in Spain 10 different models of self-rechargeable hybrid, and it has already sold over 1.400.000 units, but the UX 250h is the first of its fourth generation.

Hand Toyota, It has already created many alternative models. We refer to hybrid, hybrid plug, electrical, and other variants. To continue their evolutionary process, They have devised something innovative. This is the Lexus 250h UX, another hybrid auto-rechargeable, but fourth-generation.

Sounds interesting, but we will go in detail so that there are no doubts about what it means for future mobility. The new UX 250h does not require connection to the mains and offers low maintenance costs. We started well.

Intelligently combines petrol and electric power. Once running, UX 250h can flow in the electric mode 50% weather, and even up to 70% City weather. Also, It complies with EURO 6D providing the lowest CO2 emissions in its class and with virtually no NOX and particulate emissions.

The system auto-recharge and has a control unit capable of managing energy efficient petrol engine 2.0 liter four, and one or two powerful electric motors depending on equipment. The UX 250h is available with front-wheel-drive or 4 FOUR-wheel-E. Both options are designed to provide a more exhilarating driving, In addition to seeking increased efficiency.

When driving at constant speed or accelerate slightly, the front electric motor (and models with four-wheel drive, an additional rear electric motor) It is responsible for propelling the vehicle with electric energy generated by the hybrid battery. At that moment, the vehicle does not just noise, It consumes no fuel and no emissions.

At higher speeds, comes into operation silent gasoline engine Atkinson cycle, which continues with the assistance of the electric motor (the engines) when necessary. Thanks to almost perfect balance of these two energy sources, UX 250h delivers superior driving pleasure, plus a low level of fuel consumption and emissions.

Like all electric, his answer is quick. At full throttle, the gasoline engine account instantly with additional engine power or electric motors. Jointly, develop a powerful increase in torque, resulting in a linear acceleration when necessary.

braking, or when the driver lifts off the throttle, regenerative braking harnesses the kinetic energy to generate electricity, together with the electrical energy produced during normal driving, It is stored in the hybrid battery, so that the UX 250h never needs to be plugged. Technology developed in high level competitions such as F1 or some Hypercars since the early 90.

As well as offering driving pleasure, UX 250h delivers low operating costs and high residual value. This is primarily due to the leading industry experience in brand development of hybrid self-rechargeable, batteries that last as long as the vehicle itself and the inherently reduced wear Lexus system.

The UX 250h has been designed clutchless, while the starter motor and alternator are an integral part of the hybrid system, and require no maintenance or replacement throughout the life of the vehicle. Belt conventional distribution also has been replaced by a chain maintenance-. Not being necessary to repair or replace these parts, UX 250h owners can expect to save about 1.500 euros in five years. They are good numbers and to seriously consider.

Look at this data, with proven reliability in the most 60.000 million kilometers worldwide, the Lexus hybrid batteries are designed to last as long as the vehicle. Performance and durability are projected rigorously and are covered by a warranty of five years or 100.000 km. Seeing that happens to the batteries of electronic devices where they gradually lose capacity over time, If this is true, It is a great evolution.

Thanks to the regenerative braking of the hybrid system self-rechargeable Lexus, It is developing the first half of the entire braking force, wear of both pads and discs is reduced considerably. Along the 90.000 km, not usually necessary to change discs of a Lexus hybrid, and the brake pads only once. On the other hand, as tire pressure of hybrid vehicles helps reduce wear, while linear power development and balanced weight distribution further reduces the overall tire wear.

It seems that Lexus is doing things right for present and future, But enough to buy a UX 250h? Cherish.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
Author: Adrián Osés Motorsport enthusiast and Engineering, founder and editor of Mad Engine.