The origins of Scalextric

Who has not played a small Scalextric circuit? Or even with several variants
Circuit as you could do combinations of pieces to make different paths
racing. It was and probably is one of the favorite toys at home.

What most people do not know their origin and various curiosities that we are going to
have today. The first is that Scalextric is a brand and not the toy itself. There was and there
several brands / manufacturers, but the toy was always, and it will be known as Scalextric.

Its origin is the modelismo, which dates back to ancient times when craftsmen were building
models of their products at reduced scale to show their customers without having to build
He finishes its work before receiving the order. Now they not built for the same reason,
but it is now primarily a hobby. Also, this world of modeling lends itself to
collecting (planes, Car, Motorcycle, boats, trains, landscapes, or almost anything that you
can occur).

What we know as Scalextric actually called Slot (It comes from the English, "groove") due
it is the central groove which electrically powered cars. Roads are
miniature racing cars commanded distance.

The first slot cars were created in 1912 by the American brand Lionel, and
They patented in 1936, A little strange not it? Perhaps not so much considering that
the user had no control over the car and collided with the rear wheels
"Slot" central because the rails were elevated. There were things to polish ...

It was when he appeared Scalextric when things improved markedly. Fred Francis I
He presented to the world 1957 at the fair in Harrogate and triumphed. British entrepreneur who
thanks to World War II military prospered with government contracts and developed a
toy car called Scalex (they called so by being designed to scale or scale X
variable). Unfortunately for Fred, Scalex sales did not increase after
presentation and his company had the very black future.

Seeing the big picture, it was time to look for alternatives and activate wit. your bet,
develop a system to give the user control car, and it incorporated a
small electric train engine Scalex and placed it on a train tracks modeling.
With a nifty little tinkering, the revolution was already present and was needed
patent the product name. Electricity came Scalex and combining Scalextric.

Once the system had, the following was to place vehicles, and better than Ferrari 375 and
Maserati 250 F. To win more fans, also included models of Formula 1 and names
of the best drivers in history as Fangio, Ascari, Moss and Jim as British

The scale was to start production 1/30 (then there have been several variants) and
vehicles were able to reach 200 km/h, Very close to reality! And another great
plus point was that they could build different layouts given the versatility of certain
pieces. If you were bored on a circuit other than you creabas within minutes.

As at times of success, project founder (Fred Francis) He decided
retire and sell the business to Lines Bros, manufacturers of model trains, who later
would build tracks in Spain.

Scalextric came to our country 1962 through the Barcelona Trade Fair. It
He produced most of components in our country (tracks, transformers, controls,
engines and then the cars with SEAT 600 being the first to be designed and produced
In our country).

Over the following years the brand Scalextric was changing hands and changing its
production to China. Through different ups and downs, improvements have been introduced as
the controls without cable or Scalextric Digital System that left change lanes at will the
user allowed to compete 6 while cars per track.

Currently the company Toy Factory which owns the rights to Scalextric, and
Numbers are not going bad. Any crazy motor will buy it at some point in their
lifetime, never too late for it.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine

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Adrián Osés
Author: Adrián Osés Motorsport enthusiast and Engineering, founder and editor of Mad Engine.