ID electrical record R in the cathedral

ID Volkswagen still going strong and enlarging their numbers so that seems to have been a complicated electrical evolution that will improve, At least in the short term.

After beating the record of Pikes Peak and the e-record Goodwood, he has had to turn to the Green Hell Nurburgring. For many known as the cathedral of motorsport, so this record is perhaps the most important of all.

Also, Once a record is beaten, We must do remain convinced that it will beat. Why Pride and stuff, and not look bad. For Volkswagen has made its ID R has dropped the clock in 40,564 seconds leaving the new record 6:05.366 with French Romain Dumas at the wheel. An authentic tiempazo that sets the bar far beyond the reach of other manufacturers in the electric race. At least for now…

No more complicated circuit as the German track, and there is no one who has done such a fast lap with an average speed or so high with a vehicle 100% electric (206,96 km/h). It is a joy to listen to ID R when it will stop the winding and banked curves of the Green Hell. Better than you see all the way around to get a closer record:

Volkswagen has had to work hard to adapt the vehicle to attempt to record at Nurburgring. They had 5 months to condition the vehicle after the Pikes Peak records and e-record high downforce Goodwood which was necessary. Nurburgring was necessary to tip speed, and as has been proved, work has been excellent.

R ID is the flagship of the German mark for future electric race, but we must not forget that the German brand has several free emission models that will certainly be a good alternative when purchasing a new vehicle for customers.

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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Adrián Osés
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