Ford Focus RS lateral

Goodbye or soon to Focus RS?

We already knew that Ford is finalizing its last units of the current Ford Focus RS which only left him barely half months production, but what some are impatient to know if there will be other Focus RS with the arrival of model change, or it will not. La verdad que si Ford

Renault Megane RS 2018

Nuevo Renault Megane RS 2018

Renault's new beast is already a fact. The wait has been long for many of his fans, but no doubt that will be worth. Though it was shown to the public at the Frankfurt 2017 to be the benchmark in its category, el nuevo Megane RS ahora ha sido mostrado

Dacia Logan MCV vs Mercedes-AMG E63 S

Having seen the title of our new safe input that something strikes you, and that is normal. As we compared with another vehicle that is worth a 10 more times. Cheapness against the expensive, the “worst” in its class against “best”. A priori a very decompensated battle. No doubt that if…


Driving experience, Renault Zoe

Motor Locos, we have had the opportunity to try a different vehicle. Being different 100 % electric, Renault Zoe has surprised us, but we also see him drawbacks that are now difficult to work for Renault and its competitors. El Renault Zoe, It has similar dimensions to Clio, with whom she shares some…

Exterior side dcho 3

Audi C4 S4

To our hands comes the famous 5 cylinder turbo Audi and have the chance to try. With just take a step back in history and look back to the years of group B, We see how the Audi Quattro S1 or A2 wore the steps of the podium. Following these victories Audi…

Offroad Test Maserati Levante

Full “SUV” it is required capabilities over any obstacles you may encounter “offroad” but some models and brands are more able and more prepared than others to do so. As lately SUVs are flooding our roads is worth remembering that they are not “SUVs” 4×4 of…

Motor Locos profile photo

4th Anniversary Motor Locos!

Today is a great day for us as we fulfill 4 years of life, nothing more and nothing less than what began as a “hobby” He has gone far, but if all goes well and with your help, still go further if possible. It all started on a trip to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman, where…


T5 Volkswagen Bulli

The fifth generation of Bulli, Volkswagen T5 starts to be manufactured in the 2003 and will continue with the same exterior design to 2009 when they receive a strong restyling with new powertrains and aesthetic changes that will keep him up 2015. Like previous generations, version will have short and long wheelbase, in their…

Drifting, showmanship and difficulty

Mode “Drifting” always has been, and remains, very popular in Japan, and gradually it is becoming strong in the rest of the world. Why? It's simple, the viewer and engine fan loves the show and difficulty. Perhaps in countries like the United States only are set in the spectacular….

Jaguar XF Sportbrake 2017

Growth and expansion of both Jaguar and Land Rover is undeniable and they are doing based on giving more options and achieve customer be present in all segments and sizes of vehicles, what has made them increase their numbers dramatically in recent years under the…