The world's most expensive SUV

Like it or not money rules the world, and have the record for most expensive than it is a plus to sell more. curious, but that's how it is. Many people refer to pay more to have something that is more expensive. Sobran ejemplos en el mundo del

The “Famous prices” They soar

The market for luxury cars is spacious and full of customizable options, but above all it is very very expensive. Therefore so is the resale of these vehicles. Some are very limited editions, others are customized to the end, and others have belonged to some very influential people in a way…

The first Apollo IE and roars

The Geneva Motor Show is the Mecca of the automotive world, where all the manufacturers present their best creations and innovations every year there for the month of March. The city also often crowded with visitors for a few days before the event, and it is the perfect place to see new products even without going…

Nissan GT-R chameleonic

Lo “changes color as a chameleon” commonly we used when we are small we can continue to use the vehicle in the video we show today. A Nissan GT-R which is able to adapt his body to different colors. Film seems, but it's real. Muy probablemente esta característica no es algo que pediríamos

Lancia Delta Evo literally fire

Test benches are the perfect tool to achieve the true limits of vehicles, since in most cases it is difficult to take them to the limit in everyday road use. Si se tiene la suerte de poder acceder a circuito quizás se pueden alcanzar los límites del vehículo en

Coldproof end of the new Vantage

If you want something to last and is reliable must submit a test, and if we want to guarantee supreme quality and performance above the other competitors have to face extreme test. Extreme cold, hot, or weather conditions that occur only in a handful of places on our planet, pero que si

Lamborghini Urus reaches the pole

As they say usually, “come and kiss the saint”. This is how the Lamborghini Urus arrives, the amazing new creation of the Italian brand. A large SUV to hit the market ahead of his potential rivals and placed in the very “pole position” its segment. Es básicamente lo que hizo el

Ford Focus RS lateral

Goodbye or soon to Focus RS?

We already knew that Ford is finalizing its last units of the current Ford Focus RS which only left him barely half months production, but what some are impatient to know if there will be other Focus RS with the arrival of model change, or it will not. La verdad que si Ford

epic career 8 coches Ford Performance

When you have a lot to show you have to do it the best way possible, and what better to teach your potential in each of your choices by comparing market all at the same time in an excellent setting. El Circuito de Motorland Aragón fue el escenario elegido por Ford Performance para enseñar sus 8

Renault Megane RS 2018

Nuevo Renault Megane RS 2018

Renault's new beast is already a fact. The wait has been long for many of his fans, but no doubt that will be worth. Though it was shown to the public at the Frankfurt 2017 to be the benchmark in its category, el nuevo Megane RS ahora ha sido mostrado