So brakes are tested tank

A good engineer is confident his calculations, designs and machines, so no problem doing tests of his works. Today we show you a clear example. Un equipo de ingenieros ha diseñado nuevos frenos para un super tanque Leopard y no se les ocurre otra cosa que probarlos de una forma un

Lamborghini Countach made in 17 years old

as I said (and says) a well-known television program in Spain, who does not have anything is because they want. And in this case it applies saying: “who does not have a supercar at home it is because they want”. And with today's video we can see how it's done. Teniendo en cuenta que los supercoches nos dejan

small but fast beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle or better known in Spain as “Beetle” It has always been a curious vehicle and rather small, although in recent versions it has clearly been its tendency to increase in size. Today we are going to teach “Beetle” smallest of Mexico already has more than 18 años circulando por

Peugeot project 205 Racing

We all know a racing car needs “checking tickets” and usually very large sums that are usually assumed by the official marks, but perhaps make your own racing car is not as expensive. I'll show an example of the transformation of a Peugeot 205 in a “Racing” more interesting. A…

Formula 1 technical detail

Formula 1 It is automotive activity “takes pole” then research and technology development, and therefore the place to be if you really want to be pointer to something. The only negative point, It is that it is not accessible to all, and only a select few can work…

The most extreme Lamborghinis in Japan

It is often said that the money goes to money, and it is usually true, Do not you think?. Similar things often tend to join or at least be close, clear example is McDonalds and Burger King, although we do not care too, or if?. Surely today's video makes you think one of two things, what…

Red Bull Soapbox Race

The races usually provide show, but as if they are raced or more inducements even more. Inducements we mean piques, overtaking, mechanical upgrades of some equipment, etc.. But we are going to teach something different. This is somewhat similar to the “míticas goitiberas” Popular Northern Spain, and it has the…

Ferrari Sound 330 P4

Ferrari has always characterized their vehicles with a special sound, and experts, distinct. If you are not expert but I like the sound Ferrari will be more familiar, today is your lucky day. We bring you a video of a Ferrari 330 P4 67 that sounds great, You can us…

Thus the Citroen BX was made

We know that Citroen has been, es y será un fabricante singular con una forma de hacer las cosas diferente, y pruebas de ello son la gran cantidad de modelos que han incorporado innovaciones de las raras, y que algunas de ellas han triunfado. Hoy os enseñamos un vídeo muy curioso donde podemos ver como

immaculate collection of Ferraris

For lovers of vehicles, collections and museums these are places of worship, as the most important cathedrals or mosques for highly religious people. One of the most longed to see for any fan would be a supercar, classical, or even a Ferrari car that you like…