Cupra Formentor , 1is aniversario

Must be celebrated anniversaries, years because they meet every day. Not as easy as it seems to fulfilling years, and e but think of certain examples, where projects begin and they do not come to fruition and are watered, as they say. Cupra is the most extreme project…

The SUV of the future of Aston Martin

If all goes as planned, Aston Martin will probably be launched in 2022 his great commitment to the future for SUVs, el Aston Martin Lagonda Electric. Something to keep in mind as it would be the first. For now it is a concept car. When we say first, if another manufacturer will not forward,…

Ginetta Aquila, new “shark”

British Ginetta brand continues its strategy of extreme and exclusive vehicles which produce only a few units are revalued every minute that passes. The new venture is the new Ginetta Akula, which it has been taught to the public at the Geneva Motor Show, a new “shark” for the species….

42 litros de Packard Bentley

If you want to see an attraction for the public, tanto en parado como en marcha, el Packard Bentley de 42 litros uno de los mejores candidatos sin duda. Imaginad 24 escapes, 12 a cada lado, petardeando de lo lindo como para asar cerdos enteros. Materiales de la Segunda Guerra Mundial para crear una vehículo de competición

Zenvo TSR S, ¡wow!

La marca danesa de automóviles de alto rendimiento tiene algo nuevo y os lo enseñamos en Locos del Motor. Ya está aquí la cita más importante del año para muchos fabricantes de vehículos, y hay que sacar a la luz lo mejor para ganar clientes y prestigio. Es el caso de Zenvo, que nos trae

Nuevo Ford Focus ST 2019

El nuevo Ford Focus ya es una realidad y sus variantes van saliendo al mercado como suele ser habitual. La última en ver la luz es la versión ST, que gracias a Ford Performance nos trae tecnologías deportivas avanzadas para poder ser adquirida a partir de este verano. Estilo, confort y aire de vehículo deportivo

With professional pilot but feet!

The stories of achievement in sport tend to be well-known because of the extra effort that the players have to do. If already it is extra difficult to reach the elite in any sport, it is even more reach the elite having some kind of disability. Today we are going to talk about a…

Audi mythical announcement

We have results that are recorded in the retina and we still remember permanently. Also in the world of cars, Who does not remember the “good braking” del Renault Megane? Or the child without air announcing the Volkswagen Golf? Today we will remember as did another mythical announcement of another vehicle,…

Bentayga Speed, the most powerful SUV

While competition is fierce among Hypercars, the world of the SUV is also burning with new models that exceed benefits to competitors. Lamborghini Urus was the most powerful SUV to do anything, but now I do not know. Bentayga Bentley Speed ​​launches to be the poster…

Volkswagen Amarok ready

We already know that Iceland is an extreme country where life is not easy, especially from October to May. In months “summer” temperatures and conditions are bearable thanks to the many hours of sunshine. To move there, necessary to accommodate adversities, and many Icelanders prepare their vehicles…