McLaren Senna, for circuit and road

The most extreme McLaren approved for the road has already been presented. Senna's McLaren 2018 with specifications approved for road circuit but includes the name of a myth of motor sport for a big premiere and elevated performance to another level. With 1198 kg, Senna is the McLaren more…

Museum and karting Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso is news for the opening of its own museum and adjacent karting track in his native community, Asturias. Specifically in the town of Llanera, between Gijón and Oviedo. The facilities are of high standard, and as the pilot himself qualifies, son “facilities that he would have liked” cuando era

" "No curve in which it is impossible to overtake. It's just a matter of deciding what is the best time to do " "Ayrton Senna

Ayrton Senna

This really was a great. Formula 1 has many heroes, many legends, but only one of them was so special, his legacy is much more behind the Formula 1. For many people who convertió legendary when he was still alive. He admired the dedication and hard work. He devoted his life…