The “Dekotora trucks” Dazzling in Japan

It is well known that in Japan they like to be different and in the automotive world there are many examples. They invented a way to produce cars that now all manufacturers use. They specialize in reducing production costs and their order is excellent. But besides this, they like “tunear” vehicles, and we could say…

Nikola One, Tesla trucks

Nikola Motor Company seems to be clear, its strategy is to become the Tesla trucks with Nikola One, an electric-hybrid truck that already has 7.000 orders only 1 month since its official launch. The truth is that look good with batteries that generate 320 KWh for travel…

EE.UU. and the environment

It is well known that gasoline or US fuel are cheap engines and vehicles are usually large displacement regardless of consumption or emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere. So far there is no news. También sabemos que los americanos son dados a grandes espectáculos e intentos

The truck of the future

Mercedes-Benz presentó un estudio de como serán los camiones del futuro. Conducción autónoma en un mañana emocionante. La marca alemana presentó sus pronósticos para 2025 y estima que en un periodo de 10 años os camiones serán capaces de funcionar eficientemente de manera autónoma en las autopistas y el conductor podrá relajarse y hacer otras

Becx-TDS Racing

This bold pilot tried to imitate Ken Block in his own way. What will be achieved? With a car? With a bike? To us it has seemed impressive… Here we leave the video.