DB11 Aston Martin Volante

Another version of the Aston Martin DB11 is now available to be ordered and delivered in spring 2018, DB11 el Volante if an al DB11 Cup, fruitfully launched last year. A sporty sunroof that sets new standards for innovation, performance and elegant style. Un nuevo motor V8 biturbo

Aston Martin DB11 in detail

A new V12 engine 5 liter twin turbo producing 600 CV's power is the heart of the new Aston Martin DB11. Almost 100 CV's more power than the V12 6 atmospheric liters riding DB9. The new box is also automatic ZF 8 speeds. With this train…

Thus parked in Japan

The theme park vehicles each day is more complicated, especially in large cities where the number of vehicles is growing exponentially and space it is the same as before or even be reduced gradually seeing. But big problems, big solutions. In Japan they know much about it, as…

AM-RB 001 Hypercar, fruit of a grand alliance

And 2 things are good, it is normal that if we combine the result is also good, and there are plenty of examples this. So, one that comes to mind is the AM-RB 001 Hypercar, wonderful fruit of collaboration between Aston Martin and Reb Bull Formula 1 Team. an innovation…

smart driving with Nissan PROPILOT

Automotive technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and perhaps we could say that more progress has been made in recent 10 years than in the entire history of the automobile. Increasingly advances that suggest that will not be necessary to pay any attention to the road and the cars will take us from A…

ultra efficient vehicle Shell

The future of the automobile passes through change, todavía no está claro cuales serán las condiciones de los vehículos del futuro, pero puede que los caminos sean varios y los fabricantes de automóviles, e incluso otras grandes empresas, se están poniendo las pilas para desarrollar la mejor solución potencial para la movilidad a medio y

SEAT Ateca front side

SEAT Ateca, SEAT's first SUV

The presentation of the new SEAT Ateca marks the start of a new era for the Spanish brand that focuses on the first of its new series of SUVs they hope will help to position SEAT higher on the charts. Unique design and premium-like sensations, dynamic, precise and fun to drive….

Porsche 718 Boxster S lateral delantero

Porsche 718 Boxster, the definitive roadster

the Porsche 718 Boxster is Porsche New Novelty, y según la marca alemana es el roadster de motor central definitivo. El Porsche Boxster debutó hace 20 años y se estableció como el roadster de referencia en su segmento. Y ahora una nueva generación del biplaza de motor central de 4 cilindros con turbocompresor,…

Hyundai Ioniq front side

Hyundai premiere of his new Ioniq

Hyundai has presented a different and innovative vehicle, Hyundai Ioniq, that is electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid in a single body, ¿How quedáis? Presented at the R & D Center of Hyundai Motor in Korea, technical details have come to light. Light, with high strength structure, Driving and fun response, Leader…