DB11 Aston Martin Volante

Another version of the Aston Martin DB11 is now available to be ordered and delivered in spring 2018, DB11 el Volante if an al DB11 Cup, fruitfully launched last year. A sporty sunroof that sets new standards for innovation, performance and elegant style. Un nuevo motor V8 biturbo

GTR to control a command of the Play Station!

La tecnología avanza a pasos agigantados y en el mundo de los videojuegos ha alcanzado un nivel que a veces nos hacen dudar de si lo que vemos es un videojuego o realidad, Do not you has passed? to me several times, ya que el realismo es tal que según el tipo de vídeo que se

Lamborghini Countach made in 17 years old

as I said (and says) a well-known television program in Spain, who does not have anything is because they want. And in this case it applies saying: “who does not have a supercar at home it is because they want”. And with today's video we can see how it's done. Teniendo en cuenta que los supercoches nos dejan

Toyota GT 4586 with heart Ferrari

They are becoming the most common “experiments” modified vehicle part or parts of other cars, with good results and not so good. There are plenty of free time or great love for auto mechanics that make some results are spectacular. A clear example is the Toyota GT 86 Video Today,…

Ford GT on a spectacular journey

Ford has returned to life a special model, the new Ford GT and tries to pick moments and special challenges to show their beauty to the world. The last one is spectacular, con un viaje a lo largo de la icónica carretera del Océano Atlántico en Noruega y después intentar batir el récord de

The highest concentration of supercars per m2

Concentrations vehicle owners meetings are usually a certain model or even a certain brand gather to show “the other brothers” the beauty and details of their prized vehicles. Normally usually crowded events where breathes smell gasoline and burned wheel. But today we are going…

Pagani Zonda R, anything else?

We have often heard the expression: What more could you want?, and today comes to us like a glove, since we are talking of Pagani Zonda R and official advertising video, where you can see a more extreme and powerful vehicle. If the Zonda was extreme, Zonda R surpasses. And…

Peugeot project 205 Racing

We all know a racing car needs “checking tickets” and usually very large sums that are usually assumed by the official marks, but perhaps make your own racing car is not as expensive. I'll show an example of the transformation of a Peugeot 205 in a “Racing” more interesting. A…

Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series

Exclusivity is available to very few and must be paid well paid. The luxury car brands know very well and focus efforts on providing this exclusivity to your prospects to earn much more money than producing normal cars. as mentioned, exclusivity must be paid and after seeing the…

The Ferrari drivers enjoy Giulia Quadrifoglio

Better than some of the best riders in the world to try out a new vehicle, and if it's your most exclusive sports car. Alfa Romeo has left 3 Giulia in Quadrifoglio 3 pilotazos Formula 1 to put their supercar to the limit. Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi have taken…