Super-half tank, super-half SUV

With a large amount of capital, knowledge gained from other manufacturers, and “base parts” other vehicles can create a brand from scratch supercar. It is what has made Rezvani that began in 2014 in California (United States). A large project with spectacular vehicles like the Rezvani Beast, el Beast

Lamborghini Countach made in 17 years old

as I said (and says) a well-known television program in Spain, who does not have anything is because they want. And in this case it applies saying: “who does not have a supercar at home it is because they want”. And with today's video we can see how it's done. Teniendo en cuenta que los supercoches nos dejan

Will it be like the tire of the future?

There is always one wonders how things will be in the future, and some current products manufacturers try to anticipate and predict the future as this can make them make a difference with your competitors. Second thought, in the automotive world there are several examples, Renault creating the first mono-volume, Nissan creating the first…

Mythic and the Citroen CX GTi unique Turbo 2

One of the most classic models of Citroen is the CX, known among other things for being the “European Car of the Year in year 1975 (more than 40 years old). A large vehicle as usual, He also had higher performance version, the CX GTi Turbo 2, which we will be discussed today….

AMR Aston Martin evolves

Needless to say that for many people series vehicles resemble those of competition as an egg to a chestnut. It's more, sometimes it is very difficult to know what is the origin of some car racing vehicles. Normally if you're a big fan does not cost much to know…

Pagani Huayra BC, Italian exclusivity

Pagani inspired by Italian elegance that inspire other luxury brands like Ferrari Italian or Lamborghini but differently. Only it produces 20 vehicles a year and even more as the Ferrari or Lamborghini. That exclusivity selling company Horacio Pagani is what makes him earn more than…

So is the new Hyundai i30

For those of you who know how things like a car factory are made should be a kind of paradise where you can lose and see the different phases of construction of the vehicle and all its variants. as customers, most people only see the vehicle when you buy and even…

Nikola One lateral

Nikola One, Tesla trucks

Nikola Motor Company seems to be clear, su estrategia es convertirse en el Tesla de los camiones con su Nikola One, un camión eléctrico-híbrido que ya tiene 7.000 pedidos en tan sólo 1 mes desde su presentación oficial. La verdad es que pinta muy bien con sus baterías que generan 320 KWh para poder viajar

Jaguar F-Pace against gravity

A great design and quality are key to selling vehicles, but what do you think of marketing? Everyone remembers details of some car commercials as “Do you like driving BMW?” or the “good braking Renault”. These are details that help sales, and much. Marketing campaigns are now…

no matter the color of your supercar

Choose the color of your car can become a real dilemma and sure many of you have had it, but that “blessed” problem will soon be over. Do not you believe it? For the test we teach. El nuevo Bugatti Chiron presentado en el pasado Salón del Automóvil de Ginebra hace pocas semanas fue