Ford GT on a spectacular journey

Ford has returned to life a special model, the new Ford GT and tries to pick moments and special challenges to show their beauty to the world. The last one is spectacular, con un viaje a lo largo de la icónica carretera del Océano Atlántico en Noruega y después intentar batir el récord de

De Gymkhana a Climbkhana con Ken Block

Who does not know the various editions of Gymkhna Ken Block, It is that you do not like cars because it seems impossible not to have seen at least one. These are all the rage on the Internet and among fans to motorsport and entertainment, and today we will show you an interesting evolution. Ahora Ken Block le

Are new trends in materials?

It is true that the world increasingly requires companies to be more flexible and not say no to anything if you want to survive and develop. Why they continue working and investing in R + D to remain competitive. Wood is a material that perhaps only a few brands…

The weather at the whim of Ford

Being able to control the weather is one of the dreams of human beings from the beginning of everything, And who has not dreamed of it? Many films have dealt with but science fiction is not about the reality in this case. Know if it will rain or temperature will do it is impossible…

Around the World in a Ford Model T 100 years old

Turn the world is a challenge that few can have been successfully completed, and less on old cars. But if we talk about a vehicle manufactured in the year 1915, numbers are even lower. Hoy os mostramos la historia de un matrimonio holandés que recorre el mundo con su Ford

Gymkhna 8 in … ¡Dubai!

Ken Block y Ford Performance continúan con su acuerdo de colaboración y esto se ha traducido en una nueva Gymkhna, todavía más espectacular que las anteriores si cabe. El showman americano ha paseado alegremente su Ford Fiesta RX 43 of 650 CV por las calles y sitios emblemáticos de uno de los paraísos mas lujosos

Ken Block in the WRX 2016

Ken Block in the WRX 2016

Ken Block will be the major attraction of the new season of the World Rally FIA Cross. American joins the specialty when more booming, With more and more followers worldwide and high level of pilots, vehicles and equipment. Block has extended its contract with Ford, y esto

Ford wishes you Merry Christmas

Ford has created a special video to wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016, and to celebrate the expected holiday for employees. They called “Snowkhana” since their mini Ford fun in the snow, but it is not only. Santa Claus climbs into a Ford Focus to also have a wonderful time. From…

First knee airbag

Ford continues to present new innovations and is to be discussed below will be introduced in the Ford Mustang 2015 and then following the American brand models. We refer to the first knee airbag worldwide will cause an increase of space for front seat occupants in vehicles…