Production equipment robot-people

Markets most competitive industries grow each day, so you have to manage to produce more, and better. And industrial development is bestial year after year. The robots were a huge breakthrough in the automotive industry (and other), pero nunca podían combinarse con personas para trabajar en

The story of Miss R, 1 MW

It is increasingly common to see small businesses and even individuals who dare to design and manufacture their own vehicles and even super-cars. Engineering works that do not have much to envy the great builders of super-vehicles, Or maybe yes? Miss R is a creation of these to which we…

Aston Martin Lagonda SUV

Aston Martin and its electric SUV project

SUVs are already virtually sold more than traditional saloons, and even luxury vehicle manufacturers are changing their market offerings to meet this growing need. The following will now be free luxury SUVs emissions, and today we are going to teach what s a project that aims…

Extreme luxury, Mercedes-Maybach SUV

Mercedes-Benz has always been, It is and will be one of the most sought after premium brands in the automobile market, but sometimes their view of the future go even further with absolutely amazing that although models are vehicles, They could well be any other super-luxury item or combination of several of them….

Sea water to move a limousine

The title of our post sounds impossible, but it is not. Today we are going to teach a limousine whose mobility generates seawater. It is not a science fiction film nor are we kidding. Is called “As”, It is a sports limousine and does not use any fuel, yes, no fuel! This supposes…

CUPRA e-Racer lateral

Cupra e-Racer, the first e-TCR

In 2019 will come one of the most promising competitions for the future of mobility of persons referred. Formula E is fine for the development of electric automobiles, but the pace of technology of Formula E to conventional vehicles is not clear. However, the World…

The new generation of Formula E

Formula E was a major change in vehicle competition for being a great bet for the future. Vehicles 100 % electrical which have slowly evolved to be a great test for brands that have decided to participate in the championship. Now, the new generation…

Volkswagen e-Golf

50 Volkswagen e-Golf to Hamburg

Electric increasingly conscience is more in the minds of Europeans and proof of this are the 50 Volkswagen e-Golf which have been delivered to the German city of Hamburg for improving air quality and reducing noise of the city. La movilidad eléctrica en Alemania está ya pisando fuerte

Roborace, future careers without drivers

The level of automation industry evolves each year, It makes us think that every time it takes fewer people and more robots / machines for production processes more efficient and cheap. The trend in the world of vehicles seems to go down the same road, and there is already competition with…