The future, Lamborghini Third Millennium

Lamborghini has revealed where it will move its future in the world of Hypercars, and things are looking very, very good. Terzo Millennio the Concept Car is guiding us into the future of the brand. Sincerely, si la marca decide utilizar gran parte de este concept car para su

Will it be like the tire of the future?

There is always one wonders how things will be in the future, and some current products manufacturers try to anticipate and predict the future as this can make them make a difference with your competitors. Second thought, in the automotive world there are several examples, Renault creating the first mono-volume, Nissan creating the first…

¿Tires for life?

As we all know a vehicle requires many elements “consumables” we should be changing to keep using, such as engine oil, the filters, brake pads or tires. Hay que tenerlos en cuenta a la hora de adquirir un vehículo porque algunos de ellos pueden ser especialmente caros o

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, the ultimate in luxury

Luxury also evolves and car manufacturers do not want to be left behind in the battle to be the exclusive vehicle (or at least one) of the most important people in the world and millions. The vehicle that we will see a video today is none other than Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6….

I-Pace Concept, electrical bet Jaguar

Jaguar has unveiled its electric bet to compete with Tesla, and he has presented in the country of his opponent, at the LA Auto Show. Good strategy. The I-Pace will be manufactured in Austria at Magna Steyr plant thanks to an agreement signed by Jaguar Land Rover to develop vehicles with…

Hyundai innovative performance Ioniq

Hyundai has opted for an innovative vehicle that is available 3 future variables, 100% electric, hybrid and electric plug. We refer to the Hyundai Ioniq. ecological and efficient driving combined with innovative technology and original design are the proposed Korean firm to take a leap of quality that will help you gain market share…

Motores Mercedes-Benz nuevos motores

Ultra-efficient new engines Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz es el primer fabricante de vehículos en sacar motores al mercado que ya cumplen la estricta normativa de la Unión Europea que entrará en vigor en Septiembre de 2017, por tanto van por delante del resto. Evolución y desarrollo totalmente nuevos para la nueva familia de motores diésel. Nuevo diseño de los mismos con

Volvo and its small concept cars

Volvo is one of the manufacturers that are doing better in recent years from our point of view, and its future seems to be very interesting with its great technological developments that aim to take it to be one of the manufacturers of reference in the new electric age. Today we show its new Concept…

ultra efficient vehicle Shell

The future of the automobile passes through change, todavía no está claro cuales serán las condiciones de los vehículos del futuro, pero puede que los caminos sean varios y los fabricantes de automóviles, e incluso otras grandes empresas, se están poniendo las pilas para desarrollar la mejor solución potencial para la movilidad a medio y

The Genesis G70 looks good

Most brands are betting on sub-luxury brands open their doors in the premium market and make them increase their numbers. A strategy that is clearly paying off as new brands are joining. Hyundai was the last, introducing Genesis to compete in the premium sedan market by…