Extreme luxury, Mercedes-Maybach SUV

Mercedes-Benz has always been, It is and will be one of the most sought after premium brands in the automobile market, but sometimes their view of the future go even further with absolutely amazing that although models are vehicles, They could well be any other super-luxury item or combination of several of them….

Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak

Electric mobility will try to outdo itself in the hands of Volkswagen and its ambitious project to break the record of the legendary climb to Pikes Peak with a vehicle 100 % electric, the I.D. R Pikes Peak. A very ambitious project to succeed give Volkswagen Motorsport…

The fastest bike in the world to 400 km/h

The sensations may feel on a bike are quite different from those that we can give any other vehicle. In large part this is because no body and aerodynamic forces impact directly against the pilot. Incluso a velocidades bajas la sensación de velocidad es mayor que en

Lamborghini Urus reaches the pole

As they say usually, “come and kiss the saint”. This is how the Lamborghini Urus arrives, the amazing new creation of the Italian brand. A large SUV to hit the market ahead of his potential rivals and placed in the very “pole position” its segment. Es básicamente lo que hizo el

Hands “God level” Fernando Alonso in water

We know that Fernando Alonso is one of the best drivers in the world and we have been seeing for many years in Formula 1 and even other categories. spectacular images, incredible overtaking, 2 World Formula 1, vertiginous exits, … I follow? I think that's not necessary. He has delighted us with many special moments, but…

The autonomous routine AGV SEAT

The factory workers are the greatest good that companies have, but they have some drawbacks as they tire, They need to eat and drink, They go to the bathroom, injured / ill and catch the lower, and various other events that make their management and efficiency are not the best. Instead, Robots are their…

Tribute to Porsche 919 Hybrid

Porsche created a legend that in just 4 years has given a number of very interesting titles and achievements. We refer to 919 Hybrid, more complex vehicle ever created by the German mark and has written important pages in the history of Porsche. 4 incredible years in the LMP1 category of the World…

McLaren and triple turbo 1200 CV’s

If you already supercars can give us incredible sensations, imagine if people highly trained and experienced technical work on improving a supercar and make it one of the best animals in the world. Today we bring you a clear example, where McLaren Video “It has been tuneado” to the point…

Breathtaking paradise of supercars

If you already if have the opportunity to see a supercar (whatever it is) It is a great moment in the life of any vehicle enthusiast, imagine it must be to have the opportunity to be in a meeting with dozens of them. Something very close to paradise, see where are the…

A stop on the Isle of Man with a BAC Mono

As we know, BACs are unique and hybrid vehicles between sports and karts, of which it is difficult to see one near. Special vehicles for owners and special occasions. In today's video we will show you the highest concentration of BAC Mono with a total of 12 y un lugar perfecto para los