Norick Abe era único

Unfortunately today we remember one of the most spectacular drivers in the world motorcycling already does 10 years which left us in a fatal traffic accident, Japanese Norifumi “Norick” Abe. Un gran talento que no tenía miedo a ninguna situación comprometida en pista y que tenía muchos seguidores en cada circuito al

The other drops Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi has suffered an accident while training with his motocross bike to him from his dream of winning his tenth World Championship. Tibia and fibula fracture, they are a very hard stick for Italian. But “The doctor” It is not perfect and has also suffered significant falls in 22…

Rossi vs Marquez, show!

When 2 grandes de una especialidad deportiva coinciden en la misma época, los aficionados tienen asegurado disfrutar de deporte y emoción de alto nivel, que aunque no se aprecie en el momento, suele ser recordado para la historia. Se nos ocurren claros ejemplos como Nadal y Federer en tenis, Senna y Prost en F1, Cristiano

Engine configurations Moto GP

No doubt the World Championship Moto GP 2017 It has been more contested than ever and almost all brands have been up sometime Championship, either running or training, which it shows that the level is very tight. The level of the drivers is very similar, and…

Moto GP vs Indy Car

Now that the Indy Car has opened to Europe thanks largely to Fernando Alonso, everyone talks about it and surely will grow in hearings on the continent. Another issue is whether as many state and ovals are very boring, no gana el mejor piloto

Drifting, showmanship and difficulty

Mode “Drifting” always has been, and remains, very popular in Japan, and gradually it is becoming strong in the rest of the world. Why? It's simple, the viewer and engine fan loves the show and difficulty. Perhaps in countries like the United States only are set in the spectacular….

The Kentucky Kid, rest in peace

Unfortunately, today we have to talk about something terrible, as the champion of Moto GP 2006 Nicky Hayden has died after fighting the biggest race of his life for 5 long days at an Italian hospital. El estadounidense fue atropellado en el norte de Italia cuando circulaba en bicicleta con unos amigos

Marc Marquez ski conquest Cathedral

In times of snow and ski season be seized (when time permits) and enjoy winter in the best way possible. This is what must have thought the Spanish Moto GP champion, his Repsol Honda Moto GP, and as, Red Bull's friends. Definitely a…

500 cc legend: Schwantz vs Rainey

The World Championship Moto GP is still spectacular and every year gives us spectacular duels, but today we go back to the top flight of the time, that of 500 cubic centimeters. We go back in time to the Grand Prix of Japan 1989 held on the twisty and uneven layout of Suzuka….

Maverick Viñales con el Radical SR3

Aunque los pilotos de motociclismo son muy rápidos, no suelen tener la oportunidad de probar vehículos de 4 Wheel, pero de vez en cuando podemos ver si son tan rápidos como cabría esperar sobre vehículos de otra modalidad o no. Siempre interesante. Esta vez el turno ha sido para el piloto de Suzuki de Moto