¿Rotary motor or 4 inline?

Mazda is one of the manufacturers “different” by the use of rotary engine. A rare both because hardly any other manufacturer uses, but it is an icon for the brand. Its advantages are smoother power delivery compared to other types of engines and lighter weight, since the…

Elegance Lamborghini Huracán

Needless to say that Lamborghini designs are far less spectacular and breaking with what we're used to seeing in a car, either luxury or not. They are different and some models have been labeled as “spaceships”. Maybe they take a point… If you had not had…

The first Hyundai engine is tuned N

Brands are tending to create more sports sub-brands to expand their market, and it seems that the idea is good and it's working. We have clear examples like Nissan Infiniti Toyota or Lexus. Today we speak of another sub-premium. The high-performance sub Hyundai, presented at the last Frankfurt Motor Show Low…

Maverick Viñales con el Radical SR3

Aunque los pilotos de motociclismo son muy rápidos, no suelen tener la oportunidad de probar vehículos de 4 Wheel, pero de vez en cuando podemos ver si son tan rápidos como cabría esperar sobre vehículos de otra modalidad o no. Siempre interesante. Esta vez el turno ha sido para el piloto de Suzuki de Moto

Renault Clio RS 16 front side

Renault Clio RS Special Monaco

Renault Sport has surprised everyone during the Grand Prix of Monaco Formula 1, and not their race results, but by the presentation of radical Renault Clio RS 16 the hand of his official driver Kevin Magnussen. His new creation, commemorates the 40 anniversary of Renault Sport and has…

So engine is assembled in the new Nissan GT-R

Nissan has updated its iconic sports car with its version 2017. Esperado y deseado, el nuevo GT-R aumenta su espectacularidad. Si antes era una de las mejores (o para muchos la mejor) elección en relación calidad / price, el nuevo Nissan GT-R llega para convencer a los que todavía no lo ven como tener el máximo

Hyundai Ioniq front side

Hyundai premiere of his new Ioniq

Hyundai has presented a different and innovative vehicle, Hyundai Ioniq, that is electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid in a single body, ¿How quedáis? Presented at the R & D Center of Hyundai Motor in Korea, technical details have come to light. Light, with high strength structure, Driving and fun response, Leader…

Great engine LEGO replica

Who has not enjoyed the endless possibilities of LEGO? Son tantas que algunas de ellas reproducen la realidad de forma bastante interesante. Hoy os presentamos la réplica de un motor Toyota fabricado en piezas de LEGO. El motor funciona perfectamente e incluso podemos ver como funcionan algunas de sus partes como los árboles de

Bugatti Chiron frontal

The Bugatti Chiron just around the corner

The Geneva Motor Show 2016 que tendrá lugar en Marzo será el lugar elegido por el grupo Volkswagen para presentar al sustituto del hypercar de Bugatti. El Bugatti Chiron será el sustituto del Veyron, para muchos el mejor supercoche jamás creado. Tras el gran éxito del Veyron durante más de 10 years old, le

V8 engine miniature home

Making an engine is no easy task but manufacturers increasingly make more reliable engines, efficient and environmentally environmental friendliness. Improvements in materials and manufacturing techniques are enormous and the R & D is giving surprising results. It's more, los hay que se atreven con motores en miniatura o fabricados con materiales