A complicated circuit in a Land Rover Defender RC

For many people, the Land Rover Defender is the ultimate off-road, of those who are no longer manufactured. Con su suspensión de ballestas y su capacidad de sobrepasar prácticamente cualquier obstáculo, is a mythical vehicle stopped making very recently. Actualmente están muy demandados y no es asequible hacerse con uno de

Audi challenge, WRX vs RC

Today we present a dramatic challenge Audi with Mattias Ekström, double DTM champion, y Micha Widmaier, double junior champion Germany Radio Control. A great champion of passenger cars with his Audi S1 ​​WRX Rally Cross, against a small Radio Control champion but with big ambitions. In addition, the site chosen…

RC Rally slow motion

If you like rallys and I like radio-controlled cars this is your video. Radio-controlled models of the most mythical world of rallying literally fly on this circuit for vehicles. And best, which you can see every detail in our video in slow motion. Curioso como se deforman las