R electrical record ID Pikes Peak

Volkswagen has decided to break records and truth do well. The latter is the record of the legendary climb to Pikes Peak with a super-car 100% electric, el ID. a feat that will help the German mark and how. With 7:57.148, ID piloted by Romain…

The world's fastest tractor

Speed ​​is not one of the features expected on a tractor, since it does not normally need to perform their normal duties, besides that due to its large weight and high drag coefficient very high power is needed to provide the vehicle speed. Anyway, not…

Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak

Electric mobility will try to outdo itself in the hands of Volkswagen and its ambitious project to break the record of the legendary climb to Pikes Peak with a vehicle 100 % electric, the I.D. R Pikes Peak. A very ambitious project to succeed give Volkswagen Motorsport…

Double record the new BMW M5

Nothing more and nothing less than 2 Guinness records have been beaten by BMW with its new M5, and both of drifting on a circular circuit. A modality that is becoming fashionable and coming mainly from Asian countries. Total 8 horas continuas de conducción para dejar el cuenta-kilómetros

The fastest bike in the world to 400 km/h

The sensations may feel on a bike are quite different from those that we can give any other vehicle. In large part this is because no body and aerodynamic forces impact directly against the pilot. Incluso a velocidades bajas la sensación de velocidad es mayor que en

The “saloon car” faster, Jaguar XE SV Project 8

In recent years, manufacturers are betting on internal departments to develop their more powerful models, Sports and exclusive, and the truth is that seeing the usual results the decision is correct. Jaguar Land Rover, has your department SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) which he is taking a lot of juice of Jaguar and Land Rover Series….

Koenigsegg Agera RS record 0-400-0

Like most people we like to talk about records and milestones because it is usually what is in the minds of most people. The data, the numbers, They allow us to measure relative to other, y en consecuencia comparar para saber que o quién es mejor o peor que otro en una

Volvo secretly record at Nurburgring

How difficult it is to break a record, but it is even more beat him and say nothing. The less is curious reaction Volvo Polestar after beating the record of the cathedral engine, and I keep quiet for about a year. In 2016, when the WTCC visited Nurburgring, Volvo Polestar WTCC team is…

FurgoVolkswagen 5

The concentration FurgoVolkswagen record

The Volkswagen is one of the most iconic and as such, concentrations of vehicles tend to be the most spectacular and multitudinous. They are well known to those of Golf or GTI models, but also vans, that every time they are more fashionable. Almost 6.000 fans and 755 vans went to 14th…

New McLaren P1 LM record in Nurburgring

Life goes on and beating records go. Actually for that they are, to fight or at least be a clear objective of competitors who are motivated and ready for the assault as soon as they can. The return of the legendary record is the record Nurburgring record, y las marcas se preparan