Scissor doors Lamborghini

Si pensamos en algunas marcas de automóviles seguro que se nos vienen a la mente algunos detalles que las hacen únicas. Haced el ejercicio mental y seguro que aparecen las míticas puertas de tijera de Lamborghini. La marca italiana las introdujo en uno de sus V-12 unos años atrás, y el legado continúa hasta el

Aston Martin DBX

Muy pocas marcas de automóviles todavía no tienen al menos un modelo SUV que poder comprar, y muchas de ellas tienen opciones de varios tamaños y características. Aston Martin todavía no se había subido al carro de los SUV, pero eso ya ha cambiado con la presentación del nuevo Aston Martin DBX que tiene buena

Russian tank-Bentley

We know that the Russians will march, and not usually behave like the rest of us as driving vehicles and refers. They also like to prepare vehicles to suit your so varied and extensive ecosystem. Today we are going to show you a video that will…

AMR Vantage Now Manual!

As we all know, Aston Martin takes strong years in terms of developing new vehicles, supported by the great effort of the brand in the world of competition, perhaps the most golden age of British marque. Without launching a model already they have another at the gates, and raising benefits…

Ginetta Aquila, new “shark”

British Ginetta brand continues its strategy of extreme and exclusive vehicles which produce only a few units are revalued every minute that passes. The new venture is the new Ginetta Akula, which it has been taught to the public at the Geneva Motor Show, a new “shark” for the species….

42 litros de Packard Bentley

If you want to see an attraction for the public, both stationary and underway, el Packard Bentley de 42 l one of the best candidates without doubt. Imaginad 24 escapes, 12 on each side, backfiring a great time as roasting whole pigs. Materials World War II to create a racing car…

Zenvo TSR S, ¡wow!

The Danish brand of high-performance automobiles has something new and I teach it in Locos of the Motor. It's here the most important event of the year for many vehicle manufacturers, and we must bring out the best to win customers and prestige. It is the case of Zenvo, Which brings us…

Aston Martin V12 Valkyrie red

Aston Martin has already presented his latest hypercar few months ago, but we did not know how it would sound his new Cosworth V12 engine, until now that the secret has been revealed and we have already learned how roars. Developed by the archi-known manufacturer Cosworth engines and creating the ultimate expression of engines…

A different experience in cab

It is clear that mounted in a taxi can be a peaceful experience, but they can also happen to any incident or “batallita” to tell your grandchildren. Surely more than one are you coming to mind right now. Today we will not talk about any our experience with a cab, but a…

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ record

If 2015 Lamborghini Aventador LP's 750-4 He managed to lose the barrier 7 minutes and Nurburgring 2016 the Lamborghini Huracan performant achieved the record for a production vehicle maintained until September 2017, It is proof that the Italian manufacturer will not stop fighting to get new records….