The world's fastest tractor

Speed ​​is not one of the features expected on a tractor, since it does not normally need to perform their normal duties, besides that due to its large weight and high drag coefficient very high power is needed to provide the vehicle speed. Anyway, not…

Double record the new BMW M5

Nothing more and nothing less than 2 Guinness records have been beaten by BMW with its new M5, and both of drifting on a circular circuit. A modality that is becoming fashionable and coming mainly from Asian countries. Total 8 horas continuas de conducción para dejar el cuenta-kilómetros

The fastest bike in the world to 400 km/h

The sensations may feel on a bike are quite different from those that we can give any other vehicle. In large part this is because no body and aerodynamic forces impact directly against the pilot. Incluso a velocidades bajas la sensación de velocidad es mayor que en

Ulster Grand Prix, ¡a 320 km/h!

Madness that exists around racing on local roads of the Isle of Man are archiconocidas, but they are not the only of its kind in the world. In general in the British Isles they will march and they love the risk of circuit racing, pero también las que

¡Wow! This is sense of speed

If we theorists, speed is a physical concept that measures the amount of distance that something reached at a certain unit time. The commonly, how fast something is moving. The usual ways of measuring are meters per second or kilometers per hour, but the feeling is not measured. In…

So brakes are tested tank

A good engineer is confident his calculations, designs and machines, so no problem doing tests of his works. Today we show you a clear example. Un equipo de ingenieros ha diseñado nuevos frenos para un super tanque Leopard y no se les ocurre otra cosa que probarlos de una forma un

From 0 a 350 km / h with the Bugatti Chiron

Lists of the best automotive engineering can not miss the most spectacular and exclusive vehicles, and one of them is the new creation of Bugatti, Chiron replacing the legendary Veyron. With spectacular numbers, it's up to implement it and why I teach this video showing what…

WRC spectacular accidents

The WRC is a world championship show for ensuring the competitiveness and the incredible speed of its pilots and co-pilots, but also for its accidents. Today we bring you a video that collects the most extreme category accidents between 2000 and 2016. All kinds of scenarios, conditions and rallys…

Hyundai electric record in the Pikes Peak

The most famous mountain climb and demanding world, this year has fulfilled its edition 100 and to commemorate this date, the winner of 2015, Rhys Millen New Zealand, It proposed a new challenge: down for the first time in the history of nine minutes with an electric vehicle. Hyundai wanted to help with…

Evolution McLaren F1, of 1975 a 2016

Motor racing evolve each year in standards, pilots, vehicles, technology, security, engine sound, and changes are going to see each new season, although sometimes not evident whether the evolution of several years does not look. Today a video that shows you teach the great evolution…