Breathtaking paradise of supercars

If you already if have the opportunity to see a supercar (whatever it is) It is a great moment in the life of any vehicle enthusiast, imagine it must be to have the opportunity to be in a meeting with dozens of them. Something very close to paradise, see where are the…

Super-half tank, super-half SUV

With a large amount of capital, knowledge gained from other manufacturers, and “base parts” other vehicles can create a brand from scratch supercar. It is what has made Rezvani that began in 2014 in California (United States). A large project with spectacular vehicles like the Rezvani Beast, el Beast

A stop on the Isle of Man with a BAC Mono

As we know, BACs are unique and hybrid vehicles between sports and karts, of which it is difficult to see one near. Special vehicles for owners and special occasions. In today's video we will show you the highest concentration of BAC Mono with a total of 12 y un lugar perfecto para los

Game of Drones with Jaguar XJL

Lately series “Game of Thrones” It is fashionable and in most conversations work breaks or friends. Something is, And it has become the most followed series and is coming to producing real anxiety in viewers when they have to wait for the premiere of a…

So brakes are tested tank

A good engineer is confident his calculations, designs and machines, so no problem doing tests of his works. Today we show you a clear example. Un equipo de ingenieros ha diseñado nuevos frenos para un super tanque Leopard y no se les ocurre otra cosa que probarlos de una forma un

Catalunya Rally Legends 2017

The Spanish round of the World Rally Championship has just ended with a fierce fight for victory and championship points, but there have been space and time to the humblest and classic rallies. Vehículos míticos del automovilismo se han paseado por las carreteras catalanas haciendo las delicias de los

DB11 Aston Martin Volante

Another version of the Aston Martin DB11 is now available to be ordered and delivered in spring 2018, DB11 el Volante if an al DB11 Cup, fruitfully launched last year. A sporty sunroof that sets new standards for innovation, performance and elegant style. Un nuevo motor V8 biturbo

GTR to control a command of the Play Station!

La tecnología avanza a pasos agigantados y en el mundo de los videojuegos ha alcanzado un nivel que a veces nos hacen dudar de si lo que vemos es un videojuego o realidad, Do not you has passed? to me several times, ya que el realismo es tal que según el tipo de vídeo que se

Lamborghini Countach made in 17 years old

as I said (and says) a well-known television program in Spain, who does not have anything is because they want. And in this case it applies saying: “who does not have a supercar at home it is because they want”. And with today's video we can see how it's done. Teniendo en cuenta que los supercoches nos dejan

Toyota GT 4586 with heart Ferrari

They are becoming the most common “experiments” modified vehicle part or parts of other cars, with good results and not so good. There are plenty of free time or great love for auto mechanics that make some results are spectacular. A clear example is the Toyota GT 86 Video Today,…