ID design Volkswagen R Pikes Peak

Volkswagen created a super power machine that they arrive beat one of the most prestigious automotive world records, the ascent to Pikes Peak, and for that its engineers worked hard, very hard. Today we will talk about the design of the beast in question, el Volkswagen ID R Pikes Peak. The objective of the…

R electrical record ID Pikes Peak

Volkswagen has decided to break records and truth do well. The latter is the record of the legendary climb to Pikes Peak with a super-car 100% electric, el ID. a feat that will help the German mark and how. With 7:57.148, ID piloted by Romain…

Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak

Electric mobility will try to outdo itself in the hands of Volkswagen and its ambitious project to break the record of the legendary climb to Pikes Peak with a vehicle 100 % electric, the I.D. R Pikes Peak. A very ambitious project to succeed give Volkswagen Motorsport…

Volkswagen e-Golf

50 Volkswagen e-Golf to Hamburg

Electric increasingly conscience is more in the minds of Europeans and proof of this are the 50 Volkswagen e-Golf which have been delivered to the German city of Hamburg for improving air quality and reducing noise of the city. La movilidad eléctrica en Alemania está ya pisando fuerte

Volkswagen Up GTI

Early 2018 Up comes the Volkswagen GTI that will be talking about and make the most complicated market for Abarth 595, the Renault Twingo GT or GT Kia Picanto, among other rivals. Engined 115 CVs and a lower weight to 1.000 kg, todo hace indicar a que el

small but fast beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle or better known in Spain as “Beetle” It has always been a curious vehicle and rather small, although in recent versions it has clearly been its tendency to increase in size. Today we are going to teach “Beetle” smallest of Mexico already has more than 18 años circulando por

Volkswagen T-Roc

another SUV, Volkswagen T-Roc

The SUV vehicles are popping up like mushrooms in rainy season and practically all brands have at least one SUV to offer its customers, it's more, some brands have more supply practically in SUVs than sedans or vans. Although they are not as aerodynamically efficient as “normal cars”, the…


T5 Volkswagen Bulli

The fifth generation of Bulli, Volkswagen T5 starts to be manufactured in the 2003 and will continue with the same exterior design to 2009 when they receive a strong restyling with new powertrains and aesthetic changes that will keep him up 2015. Like previous generations, version will have short and long wheelbase, in their…

FurgoVolkswagen 5

The concentration FurgoVolkswagen record

The Volkswagen is one of the most iconic and as such, concentrations of vehicles tend to be the most spectacular and multitudinous. They are well known to those of Golf or GTI models, but also vans, that every time they are more fashionable. Almost 6.000 fans and 755 vans went to 14th…


Volkswagen T4 Multivan 2.5

Today we'll talk about the boom VW Bulli, and these lines are the dedicate to the Volkswagen T4 Multivan, which in recent years are booming, the versatility they provide and because to buy new do you need to sell a kidney (the second hand market soars). In 1990…