Duel between Volvo truck and Koenigsegg One

Volvo Trucks continue to surprise us with your videos to publicize their products. The ultimate decision-starring his new Volvo FH and new gearbox 'I-Shift', they are tested in a single race circuit in front of one of the most dramatic supercars of the world, el Koenigsegg One:1. Who will win the duel?Volvo already brought us a smile with its previous announcements. Eg “The Casino”, with which it presented the qualities of its revolutionary new gearbox double clutch “I-Shift” su to Volvo FH, or eg ad starring actor Jean Claude Van Damme showing us the reliability and technological progress of the brand.

In this latest video we were surprised by organizing a race on a circuit between your truck and one of the most dramatic supercars of the moment, el Koenigsegg One, having a weight ratio of power 1:1 (1.360 CV frente a 1.360 kg).

A priori it is a totally unbalanced duel, and once each data analyzed what seems even more. One is a supercar, the other is designed to carry freight long-haul truck.

The truck has 540 CV and over 8 ton. Best not discussed the power relationship : weight…do not come near us numbers anywhere near Koenigsegg.

The challenge was the competition between the 2 Swedish manufacturers in the circuit Knutstorp, Also Swedish, but traveling different distances. Koenigsegg had to complete 2 laps of the track while the truck only.

Renowned driver Tiff Needell is the pilot and manager of Volvo to test the new truck gearbox, that is created by techniques used in sports cars.

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