Fernando Alonso, the last race at Ferrari

How to describe the documentary that aired on The Sixth Fernando Alonso in his last race with Scuderia Ferrari, very difficult. Perhaps the words sum would: emotional.

Fernando Alonso 1The Spanish rider himself tells us that he felt with his own voice and images. The team follows the Spaniard Antonio Lobato up inside the hotel and the box, and we show images that have never been seen on television.

Fernando Alonso on the phone with his father before the race, jokes with the King and Carlos Sainz Jr, dinner with the team of the Sixth, goodbye to all his colleagues and friends. Very tight and long moments for Alonso, but great documentary.

Fernando thank you very much and good luck in 2015, and thank you very much team Sixth prepare and teach this documentary.

Do not miss it!

Adrián Osés, Locos Engine.

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